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Last night we received 1000+ comment spams from the same group, so I went through and deleted all of them.  CS came out today so I will be looking at a launch sometime in the next few weeks.


I started a blog for Brandon news and hopefully as he becomes geekier (if he wants) he can take over for me.  For statistics and pictures, go here.


Today, XML is 7 years old.

Irwin asked what we were doing at this time 7 years ago.  Well I was a Junior at Clinton High School in Clinton, Missouri taking PASCAL and BASIC.  I really hope they upgraded their development classes, maybe I should check.

What were you doing when XML was born?


After a morning of pain for Michelle, the doctors were unsuccessful in turning Brandon around (he is breach).  This means unless he gets his act together, they will perform a C-Section on Friday.  Cross your fingers for us.  I will post pictures as soon as I get access after he is born.


The baby is coming....the baby is coming.  As a first time dad, it is time to freak out and make sure everything is done.  I am sure we have forgot something but at least the two main rooms are finished.  The bedroom and bathroom.  Check out these pictures, but realize I had nothing to do with the design, it was all my wife and mother.  If I had more to do with it, there would be motherboards on the way and a baby desk with a baby laptop.  At least I got the baby Microsoft outfits for 6 and 12 months.

Bathroom -

Bedroom -