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First off, Happy New Year everyone. This year my wife and I celebrated with another pregnant couple by watching TV and playing Scene IT: TV Edition. Unlike the past two years, I promised my wife I would stay awake to watch the ball drop as I accidentally fell asleep waiting for midnight. After a victorious game for myself, we got ready to watch the ball drop. KMBC-TV, the local ABC station, was playing Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve, along with some commercials. But the station manager that night didn't get the idea that people might want to SEE the ball drop, and played commercials during the year switch. After coming back from commercial, the event was over, the ball had dropped, and most of Kansas City was unable to see it. So hopefully with the power of Google, this post will not allow the station to live this down throughout 2005 and in one year, get it right and show the people of Kansas City the ball drop.


Gravatar # re: KMBC-TV, How could you do it?
Posted by Darcy on 1/3/2005 2:00 AM
I'm with you! I was Google searching to see if KMBC might have posted an apology to their viewers and got your page instead... I didn't watch the news the next day but I don't think they apologized! Quite appaling I think...
Gravatar # re: KMBC-TV, How could you do it?
Posted by The Wife on 1/3/2005 1:27 PM
Yet another year with no celebration. As Jeff stated before he fell asleep the last two years, and this year by no fault of his own it was messed up. I only pray that next years New Years is much better. Well I do know one thing, with our new baby it will be ALL GOOD!
Gravatar # re: KMBC-TV, How could you do it?
Posted by Ron on 1/4/2005 1:39 PM
Here's the question I have - why isn't there a local "ball drop?" Didn't channel 9 show Times Square at 11:00 (KC time)? We flipped over to Fox 4 at midnight where they showed the Times Square ball drop at midnight, tape delayed.

Surely they could put a camera at Union Station or the Hyatt or wherever a big party is and show a local countdown...
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