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Lappy 486!


  • 42 lbs
  • 5 minute battery life
  • 2MB Hard Drive
  • 512k RAM
  • Several color monitor


    Dear Jemimus,

    Not so easy! Since this is one of the largest .Text multi-blog site, it is pretty well assumed I have a very customized version of .Text to fit the needs of a site that gets 4.5 million hits a month. This includes HTTP compression on your feeds, subdomain access to your domain (, and You solution assumes I have not made a single change to an open source project that hasn't seen an updated drop since January. Well that would be incorrect to assume. I would suggest w.bloggar as an alternative to your HTML editor or even Notepad and the administrative tools.

    Side Note: This is not the best way to get information to someone hosting your free blog. If you would like to let me know of such issues, I suggest you use my email, Guess it looks like I need to post another blog ethics post.

    As for Community Server, I have downloaded it, but will not be doing much with it. It is too early for such a large merge of products, so the implementation is destine to change. Once I get a personal okay from ::ScottW, I will start getting it ready for a custom installation to make sure we don't lose any features we currently have.




    Derek Hatchard tells us about the new Atom feature of GMail. It seems that is a way to aggregate to your email.

    If you are like me and got a few GMail names with your invites, then you probably know the pain in the butt that it is to check multiple GMail accounts. If you use an aggregator like RSSBandit, they protect you from subscribing to the same feed more than once, but if you concatenate a querystring on the url like "?accountname", you can subscribe to all your GMail accounts with no problems. Now you only need to check your secondary email when you have something and can get around the pains of multiple GMail accounts.


    INETA Academic is forming a K-12 Committee because of the recent jump in pre-college developers using .NET and other Microsoft Technologies. This committee will be ran by Eric Maino and you can watch for news here. Hopefully we don't keep him too busy with his recent engagement announcement.


    Wow, Mark Fussell is leaving System.Xml team for the WSE team! Congrats Mark! So now that Dare and Mark are gone, where are the System.Xml team bloggers? No I am not talking about the "Have-to-blog-bloggers", but the real bloggers that want to help the community understand System.Xml and it's power. Mark points us to Arpan Desai, but with a total of 9 post, I don't think he is going to be a valuable source. Pretty much looks like we are going into the dark with feature announcements for System.Xml 2.0+ and it will be like System.Xml 1.0 where we all had to just figure out what to use because no one introduced the features to us. This is disappointing, but it does leave and opening for the XML MVPs to be the announcers for System.Xml. Oh well, good luck Mark and Dare!


    For you XBox players out there, I am back.  I hooked up my box, grabbed Halo2, and now I am ready to play.


    I added the Lux-Dark and Lux-Light .Text Skins today for members of  Enjoy.


    I waited in line for 45 minutes this morning to VOTE at 6:00AM. That rocks! If you haven't voted and are registered, get to the polls fast so you don't have to wait for hours. Maybe we should think about making it a national holiday.


    I know your pain Tim, last week I had the same misfortune in Seattle with Avis and was driving this monstrosity around. Mine was sparkle flake blue.
    On last week's trip to the Colorado Software Summit I had the misfortune, for the second time in the last year, to receive a PT Cruiser from Avis. This automobile is a misbegotten failure, despite its admirably idiosyncratic shape and ample headroom. Its ride is unstable and jittery on high-speed turns, its cargo space absurdly limited. Worst of all, it is the single most underpowered car I’ve driven in many years; taking it from five to nine thousand feet of altitude up US Interstate 70 was alternately maddening and terrifying. Clearly they repurposed a sewing-machine factory somewhere to build the engines. Steer clear, I’d say.
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