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Since joining Vision Data, I have been exposed to a truly TDD (Test-Driven Development) environment, along with other agile methodologies. I must say that my productivity has risen substantially and the about of issue-less code written has went through the roof. Because of this, John Alexander and I will be presenting at the end of the month in St. Louis of TDD. If you are in the area on Sept. 27th, I hope you can make it. It has been almost a year since I have been to St. Louis and I am getting very excite to present at their group again. Hopefully while I am there I can convince their group that they need a Book Club Chapter! (INETA started in STL, Book Club in KC...Missouri rocks!)


Go download this episode. Definitely one of the best .NET Rocks shows I have heard and they mention the .NET Book Club in the news (Thanks Carl and Rory).


This coming Tuesday, I will be give a "Introduction to System.Xml and Web Services" talk for the Kansas City .NET User Group. If you are in the area and want to coming, please feel free and register. The presentation will cover the basics of System.Xml and the different APIs you can choose from when processing XML in the .NET Framework. The second half will go over what all the buzz is about with Web Services.

After the meeting we will meet as a .NET Book Club Chapter and confirm everyone is on path for next months discussion and clear up some questions you might have with the reading.


Alright, no one said that, but they should be. You might have noticed the flaky galleries after the move to servers. It is caused by redundant servers without redundant uploads. So in other words, you unload an image and only one of our servers has it. I hope we can find a solutions soon, but if you know of some good file replication software or how to use the existing stuff with W2K3, please contact me.


Yeah, VDSI Rocks! Last year FNIS wouldn't let me go, instead they wanted to lay me off the next week.

Thank you for registering for Applied XML Developers Conference 5. 
Date:  10/20/2004 - 10/21/2004 
Cost:  $345.00 
Location:  Skamania Lodge, Stevenson, Washington 
           (40 minutes from Portland Int'l Airport) 


Well here is my entry :D (Click for full image)

Oh, God, I'm now a Photoshop contest! Thanks Darren. Heh.

Unfortunately the picture isn't correct. I don't own any stock right now in any company (got some vested options in Microsoft, though).

[Via Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger]


GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! Sells Out Fast! Get your Training Time together and get your seat.

Every year it gets harder to pick speakers for the DevCon. This year, I had 4x the number of submissions for which I had available slots. So, while it's hard for me to pick, it makes for a fabulous line up for attendees:

For speakers, we've got keynotes from Tim Bray (co-inventor of XML) and Tim Ewald. We've also got Don Box, Sam Ruby, Jeff Barr (of, Keith Brown, Scott Hanselman, Chris Anderson, Doug Purdy, Ted Neward, Rich Salz and more.

For subjects, we'll hear about the present and future of the blogging community, how MSDN plans to expose it's huge store of content via web services, Schematron, XSLT2, web services versioning, how 3rd parties are making use of's services for profit and how the Navy is using XML to test their missile systems.

For venue, we've got the site of my first technical talk ever, Skamania Lodge, a beautiful resort just 40 minutes from the Portland Int'l Airport. And since the conference is Wed-Thu (10/20-21), bring the family and extend your stay over the weekend!

All of the previous 4 DevCons have sold out, so you should register quickly (and don't forget to make your hotel reservations, too)!

For all the conference and hotel details, click here.

[Via Marquee de Sells: Chris's insight outlet]


Yup, thats right, I AM GOING TO BE A DAD! Crazy talk! We had another doctors appointment today (1st trimester is over finally) and got to hear the heartbeat. That is definitely crazy. I think I am saying crazy too much :D.


Back in the day (3 years ago), before the wife and the house, I was a workaholic. I would constantly put in weekends to my work or my own projects. But now things have changed, except this weekend. My wife is leaving to throw her friend a baby shower. This means the book club will get a 2 consecutive weekends of work at 20+ hours each. Yeah! Anyone else doing anything fun like me this weekend?

To watch the progress, check out, which will replace the current DNN system.


Wow, Chill Out Guys! After all this, the whole community needs to give ::Scott (formerly .Scott) a big thank you for supporting this project. About my post the other day, don't worry about it Scott, take your time.


I started as an alternative to We would promote Geekiness which is 50% technical / 50% personal. The service is free and has been pretty successful. However, lately the blog request I have been getting are rude and demanding. An example from ONE REQUEST is "Hence I request you to provide me a blog here" and "expecting a fast and positive reply". Now come on. This is a free service, but I am not your bitch. I suggest to individuals who want to request something from someone else for free to be polite and make sure you are phrasing your request correctly. Just pissed me off enough to stop the chapter system for the book club and tell you about it. Back to work.


Scott Watermasysk pushed a new version of Community Server :: Blogs to tonight giving them comment moderation. The only problem is this quote, "This build is not ready for mass consumption yet, so I am not sure if/when it will be released to the public". I hope this will not be a length process to package up into a new build. I know it would have to be a major pain since the .Text source has most likely changes since the last release in January, but we definitely would like to see this ourselves at



What does 2 ton of stipple rock, 1 ton of gravel, and 2 cubic yards of dirt get you? Well for me, a long exhausting project. When we moved into our house, the yard was just dirt. A few weeks later the sod arrived. Now, almost 2 years to the day that we moved in, we have landscaping. I found out that I really don't have a green thumb, so I hired my wife, her friend, and my mother to do the planting while I moved the rocks and dirt from the driveway to the appropriate location. Now I must rest before starting the chapter management system for the book club


One of the problems Kzu points out is the massive code blocks bloggers add to their feeds which here are added to a mainfeed that you mainly see. This can get very annoying and is mostly unnecessarily because the blogger ripped it out of a sample or a book that all of us own anyway. That is a whole other topic though. If you want to add a code block to you blog entry, I suggest this post to hide the code for most browsers/aggregators and the reader can toggle its visibility. Check it out and jump on the bandwagon.

It's rewarding to see other bloggers using the same approach I've been using for quite a while for collapsing code regions that maybe be of interest of those who want a closer look at what you've done, but not to all readers, specially on the aggregated site.
If we could just get everyone else using the same, the main page would be much more pleasant. If you want to join this crusade, start using the following for your collapsible HTML regions:

+ Expandable Code Example Here
[Via Kzu:dotnet]