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Looks like Rob Howard has release Community Server :: Forums or ASP.NET Forums 2.0. Pretty cool, but I like InstantASP still.


Back when was my own personal blogging system :D, I used as my blog's home. Well when I decided to move over to .Text I lost this sub-domain functionally but have always wanted it back. Well now we do. If you are a blogger on, you can now reference your blog with "" and it will redirect it to "". Pretty cool, eh? So now all the old links that pointed to my original RSS feed will work again.


Check out GeekMan, the first action figure for our industry. Very cool! Please don't confuse him with these action figures.


It is my pleasure to announce the latest .NET blog community,

This community is driven off of the INETA bloggers from this site. If you are on and are an INETA volunteer but don't see your name on the list, please contact me and I will get your added. I will need your committee, region, and other INETA related information before I can add you though.


I think I have all the kinks figured out with Geekswithblogs, but if you notice anything else weird, please contact me.


We seem to be having some issues today with the redundant servers and this site. It will be fixed real soon, but I wanted to announce this before Colin does.

Update:  We should be GO again, moves us back to DEFCON 4.


Check out the shop I started on and pick up some stuff if you like it. I have a few shirts ordered myself so you will see me sporting them at the next conference.


Today, Devin Rader and I are moving this beloved site to the servers.  Cross your fingers and hope everything goes successfully.


If your like me and frustrated with your Samsung Smartphone because you spend way to much money to have 2002 software loaded and no access to write .NET apps for it (the original purpose of purchasing the phone), then keep your eye on site. They say it will be available (for an extra $15) tomorrow, but they have said this for quite some time and moved it back each week. However, this is the first time I have seen a link so I thought I would share.

UPDATE:  The download is available NOW!  Down the drivers and PDF installation documents and get 2003.  Exciting day for mobility!


For all you students out there, you now have your own Dev Center on MSDN. Not much content here now, but I would like to know what they are actually planning to do with this since it actually replaces  One bad thing is those of us who had articles published on no longer have those published there.


Microsoft launched their MVP profile pages and I have to say I like it. Take a look at my <friends />.



Thanks to Steve and Michelle Smith of, the .NET Book Club will now have a new home to discuss the books we are reading at  I am betting on the rich experience that ASP.NET forums gives will boost interaction from the members (compared to the lacking .NET Nuke discussion module).  Please join in on the first few threads covering this summer's book, Test-Driven Development in Microsoft .NET.


Yesterday I got my 90 day VISA for Brazil, now I can head down to the Imagine Cup.  Oh wait, IT'S OVER!  Struggling with bad service from a passport company I worked with ( and getting rejected for a tourist visa, I finally got my business VISA, 5 business days after it was promised by the passport company.  That was $250 dollars I could have used in some other way (hopefully I will be reimbursed).  It's funny, their web site moved the expected ship date everyday to the current date to give me a false sense of hope.  So I do want to thank Amy and Shreyas for the opportunity of being a judge.  It would have been great if I had a little more time, or already had a passport. 


Yesterday, the XML Coverpages pushed a story on EventML.  This is the first I have heard of it, but didn't get time to read it when I first saw it, so no worries.  Tonight, Kzu pops in and says, “Hey look at this”.  After reading the RSS module portion of the draft, it looks a lot like ESS.  Because it is so close to the ESS 0.91 specification, I don't think we will get the adoption we need to compete against this one.  I still hope to promote ESS, but this looks like the fly swatter that will kill us.


I just pushed a new skin for Geekswithblogs so tell me what you think.  This is about the extent of my graphics skills so don't be too harsh.