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DonXML is on .NET Rocks right now.


More chapters from Apress.  Here are the additional chapters

Chapters 2 and 3 - Expert C# Business Objects
Chapters 2 and 3 - Professional .NET Network Programming
Chapters 1 and 2 - Beginning C# Objects: From Concept to Code

Also, let me know what other books you would like to preview and I will see if I can get some content for you.


Well the book club isn't going off as planned, but I will keep trying.  This idea is definitely hard to complete, because it is asking a lot out of the members.  Even though reading books is part of our profession, it is hard to get developers to read.  It is too much of a chore for most of us.  How can we change that?  What would make a group like this better?  I hear a lot of people complaining about time.  I have no time, blah blah blah.  I don't know how many people I have seen from the lab portion of my company, reading on their lunch breaks and every other week they are reading something else.  Are the books we read just to boring as Kirk Evans stated?  Are we just too lazy as a community?  I think it is a combination of both. 

Maybe if it was a article club we might get more interaction.  Should I start and article of the week?  Not sure if that is the best idea, but I would really like to hear some more suggestions.  I know it is hard with the current DotNetNuke discussion module to get a conversation going, but I am hoping the ASP.NET forums 2.0 get released soon with the DNN integration piece complete.  I know that will help our club tremendously. 

So back to the point.  I need ideas of what you think this club needs and ideas on what you want to read for the month of May.  For the authors of the April books, I am sorry we didn't get much feedback.  This was the first try and I hope as time progresses, more and more users will start reading.  Out of a 150 members, 1 member responded to the discussion.  Maybe we should take it down to one book and no levels.  I don't want to leave anyone out if the book is too complicated, but we need to get this going.  I am also striving to create a model for User Groups.  I think this is our core audience to get this going.   If you have a 15 minute discussion, before or after the general meeting for those who participated in the monthly book, it might bring the group closer together.  Does that sound like something you group would be interested in?  I am going to propose the idea to my group on Tuesday and I will post the interest and then it will help me define the model better for other groups.  I leave you with a new acronym that Kent Tegels wants on a shirt “RTFB”.  I hope you take what this stands for to heart and join the club.


Jason Beres and Andrew Flick have been discussing their feeling on the Imagine Cup and I agree with everything they are saying.  I would like to say that I agree from personal experience, but I didn't have the luxury of judging at a competition.  The Kansas City area had 3 competitions canceled because of lack of contestants.  Yeah thats right, not enough student interested in winning $25,000.  Crazy!   I think it is the lack of .NET course ware in the area though, because .NET to most schools in this area is an introductory class, and Java with all it's might and power (sorry, laughing too) is being taught in the senior level courses.  With the trend of .NET gaining much needed respect in the industry, these schools need to jump on the bandwagon.  Maybe next year I will get to judge one and let you know my feelings, but for now, use these post (Jason and Andrew) to decided how we can help Microsoft next year.


Formerly ESF, ESS is getting a face lift.  I cleaned up the elements to follow standards better and added recurrence rules based on iCalendar (RFC 2445).  I am waiting on final approval from the group before launching, but watch this blog or for an update! 


Chris Pels, Web Services MVP, has just pushed some more sushi dinner photos from the MVP Summit.


I just received news from Steve Smith that is almost finished.  That rocks!  If you want to go ahead and join the fun, a few things are already live.


One of my favorite groups, Jimmies Chicken Shack, has a pre-sale EP available on iTunes.  Go preview it and if you like it, pick it up (I highly suggest it).


In the article by Mark Fussell named What's New in System.Xml for Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0 Release, he shows us tons of new features coming into System.Xml. Well in my excitement, I figured public article released a week prior to the public preview, this stuff is in there. Wrong! About 75% of this articles content (which is great) is not available in the bits we have today. This makes it real hard on me because I am preparing a presentation for DevEssentials in June about the new features.  Looks like this might be a powerpoint driven presentation, however, I do get to show off XsltCommand, but no XQueryCommand.

Great vid, lets people know that XML does get complex if you go beyond configs and RSS.


BizTalk 2004 - Accelerators are ready and downloadable with Universal Subscription!  We have been waiting for these for sometime.  They are about $5000/per proc with the standard version of BizTalk. 

BizTalk Accelerator for HL7
BizTalk Accelerator for Financial Services
BizTalk Accelerator for HIPAA
BizTalk Accelerator for RosettaNet


I was contacted by Apress today because they were interested in the .NET Book Club. I am still working out a discount, but for now we have some Preview Chapters from two upcoming books!

Professional .NET Network Programming
By: Andrew Krowczyk, Vinod Kumar, Nauman Laghari, Ajit Mungale, Christian Nagel, Tim Parker, Srinivasa Sivakumar

Expert C# Business Objects
By: Rocky Lhotka

Check them out and let us know what you think. You must be a member before viewing, but IT'S FREE so just sign up.


Thanks for all the professionals who came through this year assisting with the Microsoft Imagine Cup Competitions.  If you could do us a favor at INETA Academic, by writing up a few paragraphs about your experiences with the students, organization, and whatever else you experienced so we can forward your thoughts to Microsoft Academic for future competitions.  This would help us and them out tremendously.  This year was our first attempt to reach out with help, and we hope to have more time and organization next year to make this a more pleasant experience.  Thanks again for all your help, everyone deserves a round of applause.

Email address for your write up:


One of my roles in the community is Co-Leader of INETA Academic.  This week I had several pleasures to meet Andrew Flick, from Bradley University.  Jason Beres and I saw much potential in this young man (well one year younger than me) and are welcoming him to INETA Academic as our student liaison.  His job will be very instrumental with the communication with INETA to the students and their groups.  We all have many hopes for him, but I wanted to let you all in on the new addition.  Watch out for this one in the future.


New .NET Community project idea.  I would like to design an airport scheduling system (ASS) that would tracking the maintenance of an airplane and the flight plan to see what city will need a plane ready to go when an aircraft needs maintenance, ahead of time.  I am guessing this procedure is pretty calculable and could lower delay times dramatically. 

If you were waiting for me at the airport, sorry, but I am guessing with the brain power in Redmond this week, we could prevent this from happening again. :D


As much as I really wish I could go, I can't!  I will be on my honeymoon (in Hawaii) during the week of.  I tried to talk Michelle into postponing the wedding for a week and having an INETA BOF session for my wedding, but I just got laughed at. To mimic what others did during PDC, I created my on “I'll be there.” graphic. I hope everyone has a good time without me.



The past couple nights I have been working on some custom modules for the book club site.  Well tonight I successfully build one!  It will rotate the current books and display them with a like to purchase with the discount.  Pretty cool!  Kind of a pain in the ass to do because of the lack of 2.0 custom module documentation.  The best resource to have was the samples and Reflector.  Now I have to finish the admin screens and a few more modules before release.  It will probably be a little later before I can release due to the summit, unless I can't sleep like at PDC.