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Well I am roaming around the house looking for signal, but so far this is the coolest watch ever!  I picked up the Suunto N3 tonight from CompUSA.  I have been getting tired of everyone else getting the coolest toy in the world, so I broke down and spend the money.  IM me at using “Action”, “Send a Message to an MSN Direct Watch” 


Check it out!  Drew and Kevin have done it again.  Thanks guys!


Last night, John Bristowe and I started discussing ESF and his Newsgator extension to support the spec.  It is very cool.  With Newgator 2.0, you can build your own extensions to support other frameworks and do whatever you want inside Outlook.  He is wanting to make an ESF feed create Calendar events.  His first try was very cool.  If you don't know what ESF is, check it out here and please give us feedbackINETA is planning to be one of the first users of the format and Bristowe will be changing the Speaker feeds to support ESF.


This next week and weekend, I will be working on my next presentation.  The topic is RSS, but I want to make it a little different than my original I used this summer.  I have decided to take the XSLT portion out because lack of time to cover.  I still plan to have some examples using XSLT, but I want to include server controls as well.  So here is my question.  What would you like to see in examples with this topic?  I would like to have about 6 different examples that I can go into, but I would like to get your thoughts.  In the past I have used:

RSS -> HTML (simple)
Amazon Web Services -> RSS

What else?


Kirk Allen Evans mentioned Thursday that you could send off the Infopath 2003 Developer Resource Kit. To my surprise, it showed up today. That was fast. Now I have to go check it out.


Today, I found out I have been MVPed in the area of XML.  Wow!!!!!!!  I am completely ecstatic.  If you see someone walking around in Kansas City without a face, just a grin, that's me! 

Congrats to all the new MVPs.


I am finally finished building my new machine.  Last application, Source Gear Vault.  One annoyance I have with the application is the fact that if you move it out of the “Programs” folder of the start menu, it will popup Windows Installer, and put another folder there.  Annoying!  The only way to remove it from showing, is to open the folder and mark it hidden.  This is not a big deal to normal Windows developers, but I am anal.  Here is a picture of my final start menu.



Picked up one of my new best friend (just kidding)(not really) from the UPS hub today.  Now I get to kill it to get all that DELL crap off of it and put XP Pro on.



When running VS.NET 2002 or 2003, using multiple monitors, I get this little annoying extra window that popups up in the second monitor.  You can't get rid of it unless you minimize VS.NET and use another window to repaint on top of it.  Freaking annoying.  Here is a photo of the culprit.



Drew.Robbins, one of the masterminds behind PDCBloggers, has blessed us with his presence on

Subscribe here.


Amy, how do you want your Barbecue?  I can deliver it at the end of Feb. on my way to Columbus, OH when I speak at Drew Robbin's User Group, or I can mail it.  The first would probably be the best, cause you could hook me up with some books to giveaway :D.  Oh well, it was a terrible day for our defense, or lack there of.


After some testing (thanks DonXML), I feel the syndication compression for .Text is ready. However, if you have any issues, please email me at I have included the source, binaries, and compiled changes from the latest release of .Text. I have been very impressed with the HttpCompressionModule integrated into .Text. My bandwidth is down even though the hits are up. As always, please backup your binaries and config before upgrading. With out further ado, here it is.


Dude, I'm getting a Dell :D

Actually a Dell Insprion 8600, and it's about time.  Some of you may remember my run in with my backpack and laptop with the wireless card hanging off the side.  Running in and out of sessions, I just put it in the wrong way and crack, no more wireless card.  Since then I have went through another with the same results.  This one has integrated wireless (centrino rules!) and a pretty hefty processor to boot. 

I ordered it originally online, but for some reason it considered me a business for Dell Financing and declined Geekswithblogs as a business.  I don't have a business, so don't require me to fill in a company name!  I decided then to call it in.  I told the lady on the phone I wanted a refurbished Insprion 8600 and asked what she had.  As a sales person would, she wouldn't let me get a refurbished machine that they could still make.  She tried and tried to talked me out of it, but I wasn't going to pay the extra $300 for a identical machine.  So I didn't.  She set me up with a new machine, identical to the refurbished, for the same price.  Not bad eh!  I can't wait to see what my Samsung 17in flat panel can do with more than 8mb of video memory. 

I don't want to just put my old one in a box, and it is too old to sell (1.13ghz pIII).  To bad it can't run Longhorn, or I would try that.  Maybe I will make it a Yukon box for XQuery presentations I hope to do this year.  I have two more RSS presentations, DevDays in Kansas City, and then I want to start fresh with some new sermons about XML technologies for .NET.


After my previous post, I decided to take the approach I took with HTTP compression for the syndication feeds and re arch it a little bit. Originally, I changed the HttpCompressionModule's source to get it to work. This time, I used the downloaded binaries so it would have better compatiblity with the great tool.  This should work with .94 and .95 but I have only tried it with .95.  If you would like to check it out, please let me know.  I want to have a few more people play with it before I make it downloadable. 

Here are some links to see what improvements you will gain by using it:



After reading Scott's post on the HttpCompressionModule, I decided to check it out.  The MainFeed of this site is about 65k.  With the compression tool, the compressed file size is about 15k. Not bad!  The compression has also been added to the individual RSS feeds as well.  Let me know if you see any issues.


 Updated:  Sold the Lexus after horrible service from Local Lexus Dealership and bought a new Pathfinder!

Podcast Studio!

Looks like the new model of my car will be released in 2006 (right in time for Longhorn).  Check it out.


Right now I am adding some new features to .Text. The main feature is the ability to use and XML data store instead of the SQL database. This will make it possible to get the 4.95/month account for Webhost4life and run a personal blog. At the same time, it will support multi-blogs. This is probably going to take some time to finish, but let me know if this is interesting to you.


Let me know if you have any issues using Galleries.


This weekend was all about .Text.  I have been working on the NewsGator plug-in for .Text and upgrading  I fixed a few issues with .Text services for the plug-in to support categories and I will submit the change soon, once I have a few testers. 


Finally got around to upgrading  If you have any issues, please let me know ASAP.


If this works, I am will have a new .Text plug-in for NewsGator that supports both .94 and .95 post WITH CATEGORIES.  Not only categories though, it supports multiple .Text blogs.  It took me quiet a large amount of time because I had to clean code and support the multiple version of the .Text services.  I will test it a few more times, then will be looking for some testers before submitting it to NewsGator.  Let me know if you want to check it out for me.

[Update] I had to change the .Text web services I was using after finding out they are depricated.  Oh well.  This means there will be now category support for .94.


I am working upgrading our blog system this weekend, but before I do, are there any request for new features that are currently missing?  I plan to build a File Provider that work via the file system or db (Thanks for the idea Scott).  Also a new .Text Newsgator plug-in with category support and multiple .Text blog posting.  What else?