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The countdown has begun for TechTv!  As I type, someone is drilling holes in the side of my house to mount the satellite dish so I can finally have TechTv and get away from the $100+ digital cable bills each month.  When I called COMCAST to ask about TechTv, they said “Tech what?”  I replied, “It's a channel for geeks who don't what to watch sports all weekend long.”  Their answer was, “Never heard of it.”  Wow, so when the ads say call you “cable provider and request this channel”, they should also add as a disclaimer, “only if they have heard of it”. 


This week I picked up an iCurve to hold my Powerbook up off the desk.  One of the reason I purchased it, well the main reason, it looked really cool.  My experience with it has been great.  I love the way my laptop is elevated and the monitor is at my eye level.  The only issue I have is the stability.  It is kinda wobbly, but if you look at it's design, you can kind of determine it will be.  This makes it impossible to type on the laptops keyboard.  Oh well though, Apple released a bluetooth keyboard I have my eye on!  It is $39.99, so if you have some extra money after all the Christmas shopping, pick yourself up a present.


Looks like pushed some new Despair posters check them out

Ambition, Teamwork, Potential(My favorite), and Achievement.


Anyone else hate when you right-click on SQL Server Enterprise Manager, “Help Topics” is where “Close” should be.  I don't know how many time I have freaking open up SQL Help when I really just wanted to close the damn thing!  If you have Yukon installed, does it do the same thing?


Randy Holloway ask if .Text has the ability to upload OPML.  Well I was wanting that same functionality the other day because I read way to many blogs to update it by hand.  So I built one!  It works pretty well, but I have to build a page for uploading and extend the Newsgator plugin.  Should be fun!  If anyone wants to use it now, I can give the source to build a console application to do it.


Tom has been sick for the past 4 nights, so earlier today I had to take him to the vet.  He seems to be ok, but we got some medicine.  The funny thing about the whole situation was that our 9 month old cat weighs 12lbs.  Yep, he is a fatty!  Maybe he isn't really sick, he might have an eating disorder!


Last night Hector Correa went over Wikis!  It was a very interesting meeting.  He has a .NET Wiki project for you to download and check out. 

The response for the Bus ride to St. Louis was great.  A lot of people asked for the handouts so I hope I can fill the bus!


We have a bus, 54 seats, and an XBox to giveaway.  What else could you ask for?  If you are in Kansas City and want to go to the “ASP.NET Roadshow” in St. Louis, please contact me and I will get you of the list.  This is going to be fun! The date is 12/4/2003 and we will be leaving around 1:30.

Update:  Microsoft has actually set up an event for us.


The Chiefs pull off a squeaker of a game to make their record 10-1.  Wow, that game had me on my feet screaming at the television.


I received a mailing from DISH Network advertising their service.  Their prices are great compared to my COMCAST bill ($95 for just cable/digital cable).  Plus they have Tech TV, COMCAST doesn't.   Anyone else have them?  What are you thoughts?


The next version of nGallery was released today.  I haven't used it before, so I thought I would give it a try.  Wow!  Now this is a great tool.  Check out my photo library.  I plan to add more in the near future.


100,000+ Pages so far this month.  This is exciting.  I can't believe it has grown to be this large.  Thanks again bloggers.


I am not bashing on the site, just miss some functionality.  Where are the ratings?  I think ratings are a great way to let the authors have feedback.  I know they usually don't get much use, but it is still nice.  Well on the new, they no longer have ratings, kinda sucks.  Another is an issue with the forums.  Donny put up a list of email he has sent to his Outlook junk mail.  Well for some reason my email was on that list, kinda a bummer for a person who sends him articles via email :).  Well the forum he created was not suppose to show up on the DNJ site, just his blog.  Well it is now of the homepage.  It is just kinda funny looking with a forum call, “Forum That Should Never Be On Forums Home Page” and it is on the front page.



On my site,, I used the MSDN RSS feed on the front page to show latest and greatest from MSDN. Well today, they are all gone, what happened? Check it out for yourself.


Because my team isn't playing so well today, I decided to work on the DB structure. It is pretty simple thus far, but I *hope* to get some feedback from the members of the group. Tell me what you think.


Check it out here.  Because his comments do not work, you can decide here :). was mentioned in the INETA newsletter this month.  Because of this, we are (and hopefully will be) signing up new members that attend user groups.  If you are a leader, please tell your members about this site.  We have plenty of room to grow and any promotion you can do will help make this site better and better. 

Update:  To see the newsletter I mentioned, click here.


My co-worker, Matt Watson, just picked up a Toshiba Tablet.  As he was chatting *bragging* via MSN Messenger, he sent the picture below, a Longhorn Salute via ink.  Pretty cool.


These wheels are subscribable!  Well maybe not, but if you drive a Yukon or Avalon, they will fit nicely.


Well, 10503 to be exact.  This is great, with the site being live for a month now.  I just want to thank all the great bloggers on this site.  We have 28 blogs, and more are welcome.  I would like to ask you to find a friend and get them into blogging.  With all the Post-PDC buzz around the future of development with Microsoft tools, now is the best time to get involved.  Also, bring that friend to your next local .NET user group meeting.

Technorati Tags:


I added the INETA Speaker events on the left side bar for INETA user groups of the Main Page.  If you see one of these in your town, I would highly suggest going. 


The song on the commericial for Tony Hawk's new video game is crazy funny.  I kept seeing the commericial and wondered what the hell that was.  Today I did the search and found a video.  Check it out.   You might remember Liam from Sifl & Olly on MTV.


Seems like every week a new version of iTunes for Windows is released.  I don't mind downloading it, but what a complete nuisance to install Quicktime, iTunes, and iPodService each time.  After the installation, the original Quicktime settings are completely lost.  So you restart and all the services that were disabled and startup applications are there again.  Kind of annoying. 

The Time magazine Invention of the year was Apple's iTunes Music Store.  That is awesome!  I couldn't agree more.  This is a way to purchase POPULAR music, unlike other sites, inside the iTunes application.  I know there are several other similar services, but I haven't found one that was so smooth.  Now I can actually own my music and have it on a CD (via CD-R) in less time then a trip to Best Buy.  Pretty Cool!


Looks pretty good.  It has a few bugs, but I am sure they are working on it.

Update:  Yeah, ahhh all the old links are broken, that's not good. 


This looks great....


After work, I went home and realized I was bored (10 mins).  With Michelle out of town, no kids just cats, not much to do.  With all my spare time, I decided to do some INETA Infrastructure work.  Luckily Devin was online and had plenty of work.  Well five hours later, I can finally blog.  Devin and I made tons of progress on the DB and DAL.  This framework is going to be solid.  Hopefully I can keep up the energy on this project.


Introducing the Coolermaster Jet Series CPU Cooler.  This is probably the coolest fan I have seen.


I am probably one of the last, but I am blogging from Longhorn.  I love it!!!!  I have to week to play (Michelle is in CA).   Feels like christmas.


Mine is 9-0!  Go Chiefs!


Now that I have a Longhorn Machine, Yukon Machine, Whidbey Machine, MP3 Machine (G4 Powerbook), and Everything else Machine (XP and .Net 1.0 - 1.1), it was time to rearrange and start the installation process.  Michelle will be out of town this week for some FNIS work in Santa Ana.  This will allow me to play into the late hours (yeah I'm a geek!).  Below is a picture of my new cave.


I just picked up a nice Longhorn Machine for $279.  The “Super Computer Sale” is in Kansas City right now, so if you are here and need a spare box, they are cheap.  It's kinda funny because last week I was talking to Bill about the machine he was building and told him to wait for a computer sale like the one here.


1. If someone updates a post, don't create a new one, update the old one and make it customizable for the user to be posted if it is updated. This is make the Outlook search much easier and my "Mark All As Read" count go down.

2. If someone updates the blog title, update the title of the folder instead of creating a brand new folder.

These two things would make my life much easier as I am using Newsgator. I love the tool, just hate those two things. Got anything else?


Looks like I will be presenting RSS and transformation techniques to the Austin .NET User Group in March. This is going to be awesome, lots of time to prepare. If your in the area in March, please come by. I am sure I will remind you when it gets closer to the event.


Ron Jacobs and team have pushed some more information of ShadowFax, check it out.


I am shopping for a hosting solution for this site and family of sites.  I will probably need a dedicated solutions for such a system.  Anyone have any leads?  I currently host with  Since this site has been up, there have been 6 times where this site was down for a considerable amount of time.  Due to this, I think it is time to pack up shop and move to a different provide.  And any DONATED services will be well advertised :).


The Main Feed was down for a few days, actually most of PDC.  I am sorry for the inconvience if you were aggregating it.  It should be working perfectly now.  If you are still having issues, please contact me.


In between my wild adventures with XP/Longhorn/VirtualPC, I decided to install OS X Panther on my Mac.  I just picked it up after work and was really excited to get it going since I have been running 10.1 after my harddrive fiasco.  Anyway, the installation was great and my machine is running 3 times better than before.  So I decided I wanted to blog from IE using .Text web admin.  Right when I started typing, POW!, the browser crashed.  I thought it was a fluke so I tried again, same result.  10.3 comes with Safari, so I tried that, same results again.  So blogging from my Mac without a utility will probably be a challenge.  I just haven't had a good day with Operating Systems I guess.


The end to the perfect day.  I am still trying to get back on central time, so I have been tired most of the day (Sorry people at PRL).  I get home just wanting to chill out with my laptop, WIFI, and some blogs to read. Nope!!! BLUE SCREEN of death.  So I restart then bam, BLUE SCREEN.  Tried again and again until I just loaded the last known good configuration.  Well it was the last know configuration, but I wouldn't call it good.  The next 3 hours I had to work off of my neighbor's wireless to get updated drivers, sp1a again, and other miscellaneous files to make my machine run again.  Now I am up and running without Longhorn or VirtualPC.


To bad it is in 4 bit colors and 800 x 600.  Oh well, time for a new machine with a Generator, I mean GPU.


My fiance, Michelle Hawkins, now has a weblog here on  Now if I can teach my cats to type, the whole family will be blogging.


Our hits are up and the content is getting very interest (special thanks to Bill for setting the bar).  I just wanted to thank all the members for making this site very interesting to visit.  Can't wait to see what everyone is doing with Longhorn, Yukon, and Whidbey. 

If you want a weblog here at, please contact me and I will get you up and going.