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It's been exactly over three years and two months since I last logged in to this blog. The last post which I made on Dec 2008, was itself after a one year gap :). Well, now let me try if I can continue this activity. Lot of learning, lot of new cool stuffs. Technology itself has been changed quite dramatically over this period with the addition of new cool stuffs and I believe my English as well improved a little bit :).  Microsoft developers finally started realizing the drawbacks of ASP.NET architecture and started drifting towards more web world friendly architecture like ASP.NET MVC. Thanks to the huge fan base of Ruby On Rails.

In this context to start off this new beginning I will quote some interesting remark I found from the Mr.Asp.Net Scott Guthrie. Who is better than him to quote when I want to discuss about MVC?

"Some guidance I occasionally give people on my team when working and communicating with others:

1.You will rarely win a debate with someone by telling them that they are stupid - no matter how well intention ed or eloquent your explanation of their IQ problems might be.
2.There will always be someone somewhere in the world who is smarter than you - don’t always assume that they aren’t in the room with you.
3. People you interact with too often forget the praise you give them, and too often remember a past insult - so be judicious in handing them out as they come back to haunt you later. 
4. People can and do change their minds - be open to being persuaded in a debate, and neither gloat nor hold it against someone else if they also change their minds. "

Great points!!!  Very true as well.

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