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About Matt Griffin

A quick summary of me would be the Student/IT Professional bundled into one. I am currently an Undergraduate at IUPUI, and a Systems Analyst for Apparatus in Indianapolis. Now if you want the full story read on!

You can also get a summary of my credentials on the My Credentials page.

The Details

High School Graduation Photo June 2008

Summer 2008

The story starts in the Summer of 2008, I was nervous because I was about to start college in a couple of months. I am going through the standard freak-outs most students go through before college, I had no idea what to expect I was a mole who stayed in my room and played on the computer constantly. I had a semi successful website called PSN@Home which at one point was in the top 100,000 in the world according to Alexa.

I learned that I was required to take a "Summer Bridge" program because of one of my scholarships which I figured would SUCK! Once it rolled around I loved it! As a matter of fact one day in class we had to write a small HTML file just to get an experience of a couple different things, funny part was that there were no computers for me to use so I had to use the presentation computer, which happened to have the projector on. I figured I would take this opportunity to show off and I pulled up my website, told the professor hey look I own this. She was quite impressed and asked if I would be interested in a job. Wasn't anything official and kind of died out until I started at IUPUI.

My first month of school I knew I wanted to start working, I had wanted to do that before starting in school but never was able to get a job. I went ahead and posted my resume on a job site the school ran called JagJobs. I received a call from University College Technology Services, which they had also gotten my resume from the Director of the department who did a presentation during my Summer Bridge Program. I went in for an interview and the next day I had a call that they would like to hire me as a Support Technician.

This was great! However the week before that call I had met with my professor from the Summer Bridge Program who was pushing through a background check on me so that I could be her Web Master. So I started both jobs in September of 2008 which made me a Student, Web Master, Support Technician all in one. This was a lot of work for a full time student working two IT jobs for a total of 30 hours a week however I was loving it! I continued working both jobs until April 2010 when I decided to leave the Web Master position because it just was something I enjoyed doing more as a hobby not a profession.

Power Soccer of IUPUI Information Table August 2010

Summer 2010

I was not without two jobs for long because in June 2010 another opportunity came along to make me a Server Administrator for the Anatomy & Cell Biology Department at the Indiana University School of Medicine. I decided to stay with my job as a Support Technician because I loved working there and I loved the interaction I got to have with all of the employees there fixing their issues.

Spring 2011

When the Spring 2011 semester rolled around I had to enroll in a "Career Planning/Placement" class which I thought would be a total blow off so I was excited to get it over with. I have never underestimated a class as much as I did this course. I feel that I gained so much from it not just academically; I also got my next job thanks to this course! We were required to do a Mock Interview at a company related to our field in the Indianapolis Area. I had to choose between Slingshot SEO and Apparatus. I didn't really know anything about either of them so I leaned over to my buddy who I was taking the class with and ask him which one. He told me that Apparatus is good so I figured alright I'll go there.

During my mock interview I was asked if I would be interested in coming back in for a real interview and I thought... YES! I returned back to campus and the person I interviewed with had already added me on LinkedIn, I sent her a thank you letter and asked to follow up on the interview. We scheduled the job interview for a couple weeks later and during that time I started following the job recruiter on Twitter. I started really digging around trying to find connections to Apparatus and found quite a few. When the interview came around they knew I was going to Microsoft Tech Ed 2011 in Atlanta Georgia. The interview went great and I was told that the CTO of Apparatus Ben Frame wanted to meet up with me at Tech Ed which was only 1 week away.

Tech Ed 2011 Closing Party at Coke-A-Cola Museum

Summer 2011

While in Tech Ed I was relaxing in the hotel for a short bit from a crazy day at the Conference Center. I checked my email and saw that I had a job offer to become a Systems Analyst at Apparatus. I was thrilled and immediately accepted it. The only bad part of this whole thing is I had to leave my first job ever as a Support Technician, I had tons of friends there but it was time to move on. I informed them of my two week notice and two weeks later I started at Apparatus!

The Now

I've been at Apparatus for over six months now and the amount I've learned is impossible to explain. Apparatus gave me the best opportunity to expand my knowledge and they challenged me to get my MCITP: Server Administrator in a short 3 months. I was thrilled when I was able to accomplish this in just shy of 11 weeks. I am still hoping to become a Microsoft Certified Trainer however I've placed that on the back burner for a bit. I mostly work with SharePoint 2010 and Server 2003/2008 and 2008 R2 however I have worked with Linux a bit also.

I will be graduating in May 2012 from IUPUI with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Technology and I plan on continuing my education through Capitol College for a Master's of Science in Information Assurance.

As for now I plan to use this blog to help others by posting good training material that I locate and that I use in my professional or even Student life. Hopefully I will help some people along the way.

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