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The wonderful employees at Chipotle have incorporated one of the greatest employee perks I could think of. Bring your dog to work. What better way to enjoy work than to have your best friend escort you on your way to the copy machine or lay by your feet as you type your latest memo (Check it out at
Similar to Chipotle, I also like to include my best dog in my everyday activities. That is why I decided to incorporate my right-hand dog, Bogey. As it turns out, before starting my diet, Bogey and I tended to have the same eating habits. So I thought, why not make him the control in my experiment? And that’s what I did. I started eating burritos and Bogey remained on his normal dog food/table scrap diet.
Tomorrow marks the six-month anniversary of the Chipotle Diet and the results are astonishing. I’ve lost 60 pounds while Bogey gained a few too many. So much in fact, that Bogey was recently labeled as ‘obese’ at his latest checkup. Therefore, Bogey is being put on a strict diet and is being removed from this experiment. I however, will continue to forge ahead. Possibly for another 6 months. Below are the latest before and after pics of Bogey and myself. I hope that future pics will not only include a skinner me, but a skinnier beagle.
Now if only Chipotle made dog food!!



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Good to see you losing weight, you look great from where you started. Now if you want to really look and feel good let me know and we can get you on some turbulence training, a good mix of strength training and interval training to gain some good lean muscle mass! Also congrats on the new baby, adorable! Take care!
Left by James on Dec 17, 2007 5:13 PM

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