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This morning was another milestone for the Chipotle Diet guys. Eric Foster ( today surpassed the 30-pound mark on his way to a 31-pound weight loss. Did I mention he did this by eating Chipotle burrito bols twice a day without exercise? Congrats to Eric for his achievement.
I on the other hand finally hit a 50-pound weight loss. This is fitting since last week marked the 90th official burrito of the Chipotle diet. It has been a long 18-week journey, but the results speak for themselves. Over this period, I have received several questions; most of them similar. Therefore, I have put together a Chipotle Diet FAQ below along with my usual responses. Enjoy. Next stop. 60 Pounds!!!
Chipotle Diet FAQ
Common Question #1: So don't you get tired of eating the same thing everyday?
Answer: I've always been a picky eater. Unfortunately, my diet consisted of monster burgers, double quarter pounders, double whoppers, and my Thursday Chipotle burrito. I just cut out the burgers and fries.
Common Question #2: What does your wife think about this?
Answer: I'm in the best shape since we got married. She is making sure I stick to it.
Common Question #3: About how much a week do you lose?
Answer: I've lost anywhere between 1-6 lbs in a given week.
Common Question #4: So do you eat there everyday?
Answer: No, however, I do make sure I eat a burrito 5 times a week and I haven’t fell short of that goal yet. The other two days are reserved for home cooked meals. However, I seem to gain weight the other two days in the week.
Common Question #5: So how much does it cost?
Answer: $6.30 for a chicken fajita and water after taxes. However, every two weeks I buy a gift card for $70 and that gets me through until the next paycheck. Also, I prefer the gift card with the burrito on the integrated circuit chip.
Common Question #6: So do you eat by yourself?
Answer: Sometimes. Although you would be surprised that when people know you are going to Chipotle, it seems like they always decide to join you.
Common Question #7: When are you going to get your next burrito?
Answer: In approximately 1 hour.
Common Question #8: So you are on a Chipotle diet. Good luck with that. Let me know when you gain 15 pounds.
Response: Actually, I've lost <insert current weight loss number here> pounds.
Rebuttal: Seriously!! Maybe I should try it. <Then questions 1-7 follow>
Common Question #9: So do you need new clothes or anything like that?
Answer: Yes, I actually am down 5 notches on the belt, I am now wearing XL polo’s instead of XXL, my waist has shrunk from a 44 to a 40, and my wedding ring can now fit on my thumb. Therefore, I'm skinnier than when I got married.
Common Question #10: So why don’t you try to get Chipotle corporate to sponsor you?
Answer:  You think I haven't tried?  Like a billion times.  They say that they do not want to follow the same marketing concepts put forth by Jared and Subway.  Therefore, I need help differentiating myself in hopes that one day I can be paid to eat burritos.
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# re: Chipotle Diet - Part 2
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Common Question #11

Is this for real? Not a joke?

Also, are you diabetic by chance? I only ask because I am, and I'm curious how well it would work for me.
Left by Chris G. Williams on Oct 22, 2007 7:38 PM

# re: Chipotle Diet - Part 2
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I'm going to go on a Chipotle diet, except I'm going for a different goal. I want to gain weight. I'm a stick, so I swallow a 1 lb+ burrito as often as I'm not sick of it, and I eat dinner, and such afterwards as well. I've gotten to the point where I don't feel sick after eating a whole burrito and I can down it in about 3 minutes flat. ;D
Left by Ryan R. Wood on Nov 06, 2007 9:58 PM

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