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On June 18th, 2007 I set forth on a journey to no longer become the fat kid.  My goal was to lose weight, minimize hunger pains, and minimize exercise.  Sound to good to be true?  Well it was a lot easier thanks to Chipotle. 

Background Info:  For over the past 2 years, every Thursday a group of 8-10 of my co-workers would make the 15 minute trek to our local Chipotle restaurant.  It became creatively named 'Chipotle Thursday.'  As any business people know, your first office job is comparable to your freshmen year at college when you gain the 'Freshmen 15'.  My current place of employment was no different.  Donuts, vending machines snacks, and baked goods from a co-workers wife was a constant part of my diet.  So much that I had grown to 270 pounds.  Well, two weeks in June little did I know my life would change.  You see, we had a big July 1st deadline, so these very same 8-10 co-workers had started to put in very long hours at work.  So many hours that we were also eating dinner together.  Naturally, the preferred food of choice was a giant burrito from Chipotle.

Kent Shue:  Kent Shue was the new guy in the office around this time.  Kent quickly caught on to Chipotle Thursday and quickly gained the 'Freshmen 15' around the 1st of June.  He put on the weight so fast that his wife actually banned him from our daily visits to Chipotle.  Since we were so supportive of his wise decision, we did what any good group of friends would do.  We made fun of him.  Constantly!!  Not only did we bring our burritos back in the office to eat in front of him, but we made sure he could smell the fresh fajita veggies before we even began eating.  During this two-week period of eating Chipotle/making fun of Kent, we created a plan of how one could incorporate Chipotle into their diet and actually lose weight.  Our hopes was to eventually convince Kent to eat Chipotle with us.

The Diet:  Our main focus of the diet was the burrito.  We knew we could lose weight by eating Chipotle's tacos or burrito bols (basically burrito in salad form).  However, that had been proven before.  Hence, Jared Fogle and Subway.  Secondly, the diet must include no exercise.  What would the diet prove if we had incorporated exercise along with it.  Finally, one must eat the burrito the majority of the week.  It's almost impossible to eat at Chipotle everyday.  There is just times when you are out of town and a Chipotle doesn't exist and also holidays when all stores are closed.  However, you can't eat Chipotle 3 times a week and claim to be on a Chipotle diet.  For all we know, you could have eaten salad the other 4 days.  Therefore, the burrito had to be the central focus of the diet.

The Plan:  So Kent was smart enough to stop eating junk prior to getting out of hand in terms of weight gain.  I unfortunately wasn't that smart.  Like I said...270 pounds.  However, a giant burrito and no exercise sounded like something I could stick to.  So I took our diet and catered it to fit my needs.  After a little help from some select co-workers, the diet was finalized.  For 5 days a week, either lunch or dinner, I eat a Chipotle Chicken Fajita.  Topped with whatever I want on it (this happens to be corn, extra hot sauce, and cheese).  For breakfast I eat fruit and for the other meal I eat salad.  Anytime I want a snack I eat more fruit or salad.  Finally, I give up all liquids besides water.  Also, no exercise.  The diet was to start Monday, June 18th.

The Preparation:  That weekend before the diet I ate every one of my favorite meals.  Biscuits and gravy for breakfast, Hardees Monster Thick Burger for lunch, and a healthy 3 helpings of spaghetti for dinner.  All followed the next day by a big BBQ.  I then went out to Wal-Mart and bought myself my first scale.  I had the wife take two before photos of me.  One of the front and one photo of my profile.  I even made sure to turn on some Right Said Fred 'I'm too Sexy' during the photo shoot.  Sunday evening we went shopping for fruits and salads and I went to sleep with visions of happy pills dancing in my head.  The next morning I did my first official Monday weigh-in.  A tradition that has not stopped.  I honestly thought 250s when I stepped on the scale and was very shocked when the scale said 270.  I must have weighed myself 20 times that morning.  Anyways, I set off to work with my fruit bowl in hand and money in my wallet for my first burrito.

The Results:  LIke any good nerd who has taken the time to conduct Monday official weigh-ins, I've plotted my week to week weight loss.  Eventually, I will post the results on here.  The first week alone was astounding.  6 Pounds!!  So naturally, the non Chipotle Thursday co-workers called it 'water weight'.  But I continued on.  Over the next 10+ weeks the least amount of weight I lost in one week was 2 pounds.  So why blog about this now.  Well, last week was a big milestone; as of last Monday I had lost 40 pounds.  Don't believe me.  Look at the links below to view the story that Fox 4 News in KC did on me.  Also, I mentioned earlier that I started on June 18th.  Well today is Sept. 18th which marks 3 successful months on the Chipotle diet.  So what was my official weigh-in yesterday.....

  Stay tuned for future info on the diet.  Enjoy the news story below.  Justin



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# re: Chipotle Diet - Part 1
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That's awesome man! Losing 43lbs eating delicious Chipotle burrito goodness and not excercising, now that's something worthwhile! Keep it up bro!
Left by Jerod Crump on Sep 19, 2007 9:14 AM

# re: Chipotle Diet - Part 1
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TEACH ME!!! I wanna eat burritos and loose weight too! In all seriousness though, congrats..its hard for us cube potatoes to loose weight like that.
Left by Maryanne Sweat on Sep 19, 2007 9:34 AM

# re: Chipotle Diet - Part 1
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Congrats on the weight loss man! Now let's get you into a gym and boost up your metabolism so you can not only keep it off but strut some ROCK HARD ABS at the beach next summer...or the NASCAR track...whatever you crazy Kansas people do.

Left by D'Arcy from Winnipeg on Sep 19, 2007 10:59 AM

# re: Chipotle Diet - Part 1
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Hey man - congrats to you!

I wrote about your success when I first read about it on a news site, it's awesome you're blogging as well so we can keep track of it.

My Chipotle blog (open to new members) includes blogging, but also a tool to track which items you eat, which ingredients they had, and how much they weighed (for the metric obsessed!).

My post about you:

My list of burritos consumed:

Best luck!

Left by chipotle-eating-greg on Sep 20, 2007 2:50 AM

# re: Chipotle Diet - Part 1
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I think the key factor you're missing out on here is that you're eating burrito BOLs - not real burritos. Your wimpy lettuce-filled containers are no match for the supreme satisfying seductress that is the tortilla.

Also, directly from your site, " I eat two of these burrito bols each day for a total of 1539 calories and 40 impact carbohydrates...So, do not try and substitute ingredients while keeping the calories the same. It won't work." The key is to have any ingredient your little heart desires - I've seen Justin's burrito; it sir, is no wimpy "bol".

The key is to be eating something so satisfying that it's got to be sinfull. I personally take no joy in eating a "burrito", if burrito it may be called, out of a bowl with no warm stretchy tortilla hugging my yummy ingredients.
Left by Jerod on Sep 20, 2007 12:01 PM

# re: Chipotle Diet - Part 1
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You better keep this diet up for life, and it won't even continue to work after a period. You will eventually plateau and your body's BMR will drop closer to how much you are consuming. Once you reach the weight you want, and continue eating normally(even not at your previous eating habits) the weight will pour on quicker than you lost it.
Left by Nutritionist on Dec 30, 2007 12:21 PM

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