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Over the past couple of years I have been noticing a trend that concerns me somewhat. Developers and architects have been designing application architectures based on buzz-words instead of based on the requirements of the user or the system. SOA is a prime example of this. I look around our enterprise and I see hundreds of systems. Some would say that I need to hook some of these systems together (many do talk to each other) using a service based architecture. Now if I look really REALLY close at these systems it becomes apparent that putting a service on some of these systems makes absolutely no sense at all. The technology just isn't built with a service in mind. Some of these systems may be 10 years old, but they work well and there are no plans to update or replace them. I still need to communicate with this system, but perhaps a client server type architecture would serve my purpose better. Why shouldn't I use it? Should I try and force an architecture in just because it's the trendy way to do things?
Does it seem that architectures are being based on what shows up in the latest magazine instead of what the system requires? I reached the point that I submitted a BoF session for TechEd to talk about this subject. If you feel the same, or would like to tell me that I'm crazy vote for the session and let's discuss it. Here is the link to vote.
Posted on Friday, March 4, 2005 8:04 PM Architecture | Back to top

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