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I have seen a couple of posts recently about moving code bases to v2.0 of the .NET framework when it becomes available. One that caught my eye was by Sahil. Two things struck me about the post. First the title, “.NET 1.1 Folks Please Take Note”. Aren't we all 1.1 folks at the moment. Last I looked there wasn't a go live license available yet. But more to the point is the comment about making sure your current code will work with 2.0. In the exchange of comments he made the statement to the effect that if I know the function X won't be there anymore, then I shouldn't use function X now.

Well here is my problem with this. I work in a large corporate environment. Any new technologies have to go through a long and rigorous testing process before they will be approved. So given that v2.0 won't be released until Spring/Summer of 2005 it will be at least 2006 before I could recommend it for a production application. Even then the apps that we have currently working in production won't be automatically be upgraded to run with 2.0. I can't justify the expense of re-testing and distribution for no real gain for the end user. So whether  function X is available in a future version or not is irrelevent to what I doing today. I have to design for what is available today, not what might be available tomorrow. We don't even know for sure what functions will and won't be there. I have worked on 3 books based on beta .NET software and have had to make changes in all of them when they were released. Even from beta 2 to production things will change.

Just because we get a shiney new toy from Microsoft we must be prudent about moving everything we work on to the new version. Sometimes it just really doesn't make financial sense to make the move. As developers we all want to work with the newest and best technology that we can. But we also have a major responsibility to our customer to make the best fiscal decisions. I still support a lot of VB6.0 code, and will continue to for at least the next 2 years. We need to be aware of the newer technologies. I certainly am. I'm working on a book based on v2.0. But the rpoduction code I work on today is firmly based on what 1.1 has to offer, nothing more, nothing less.

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2005 6:46 PM .NET , Architecture | Back to top

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