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So I was listening to the latest Gillmore gang and what they where talking about struck a chord.

They where discussing how Live8 was consumed by about 5 million people via AOL’s streams, and how the consumption of such media was shifting from the broadcast model to the remix model, especially in the under-35 age group. Do-it-your-self content provisioning. Customize what you consume!

Well I have to admit, it was the only time I had actually considdered that I already do it naturally.

Example: I watched most of Live8 on my laptop, wirelessly, which was purched next to my game pc, and I was swithing between the global feed, the London feed, the German feed etc, while playing World of Warcraft, while scrolling blogs on Live8 and WoW and reading my RSS Bandit. I didn’t even considder watching Live8 on TV…  until my lodger stated that he needed the network bandwidth to play CS:S , hehe.


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