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With many a months gone by since I last saw a XAML demo @ Microsoft (ok I admit, years!!), I finally got down to working on some WPF.

Looking at some components from DevSource for the nice Ribbon Bar examples, I hooked up and did this




It was surprisingly functional and the tooltips were all working




Getting several WPF samples to work together was as easy as doing a WinForms development, simply placing the XAML elements into the appropriate nested area. The DevSource docking bays are very well behaved and no unexpected behaviour occurred.



My only pet peeve? Visual Studio 2008 has some ways to go, when certain static resources are missing. The compiler when entering debug mode, will just bomb on you with a nasty error.

Overall, WPF is a mature presentation platform not just for Flash like animations, but ready to build RIAs together with the big boys like Flex. Its exciting knowing all the existing knowledge in the form of .NET libraries can be easily integrated into such a RIA and deployed with Click-Once deployment (auto update FTW!).

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