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Joel Spolsky writes on his blog about the 15 different choices a user has to power off your computer running Windows Vista - While I do agree with Joel that the power off menu could have been made a whole lot better and more accessible, however, looks like Joel missed out one more way to power off your computer - which happend to be my favourite. The 16th way to power off your computer is to

- Press Windows Key + D, ALT + F4 and woot it brings up my familiar and favourite Win XP style reboot dialog.

Well I like this better than all those confusing other options that Windows Vista presents - but maybe someone will like the new ways - Microsoft is all about giving the user choice and they get to choose the ways that they best adapt too - whether they like to sleep, hibernate or log off or even shut down and power on again instead of Restart - when you write software that will be used by almost a billion people around the workld - you need to give choice. However, I do agree that if a user has made their choice maybe we should find a way to amke it their default and hide the other options to stop confusing them anymore.

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