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Not that I follow that saying but well, I gave in for it this time around - the PSP is way too tempting and cool for me to resist it any longer - yeah I cant remember when was the last time i bought a gadget that didn't have Microsoft software on it - but a couple of weeks ago I bought a SONY PlayStation Portable. BTW - one factor that really made me go out and buy a Sony device was the fact that the U.S Sony PlayStation web site uses ASP.NET (!!! :-)


Its a very impressive device i must say. So my PSP is a U.S version (meaning it plays UMD Movies that are region 1 encoded, PSP games are region free) with version 2.01 of the firmware (darn - if it only was 2.0) - I bought the $249 value pack - so it came with all the standard accessories, like a nice pair o headphones with a remote, a nice looking pouch to carry my PSP around without it getting scratched and even a cleaning cloth. I must say the PSP is a very delicate device, the cleaning cloth comes in very very handy in cleaning the smudges even the cleanest of hands leave on the screen.


I bought GTA Liberty City Stories, primarily cause of the fanjita's hack which exploits vulnerability in the game that lets homebrew applications (downloaded from the Internet) run on the PSP. I must say I'm not much into emulators - If I liked GBA games I would have bought a GBA not a PSP - Games for any other handheld gaming device other than the PSP have failed to impress me so far. As far as the game GTA Liberty City Stories go - I don’t like it much I'm more of a Racing / Simulation games guy - I'll probably go out and get NFS Most Wanted 5-1-0 or Sims 2 a little later.


The media functionality of the device is pretty cool and impressive - the LCD Display is fabulous, the trailers for The Da Vinci Code available from the movie site for the psp look great on it! the sample UMD also has some cool videos - I'm planning to get the Spider Man 2 UMD. The audio quality is pretty neat - though I haven’t yet upgraded the device to v2.6 (or v2.7 which was released a day ago) I don’t yet have windows media capability but the mp3s sounded really neat.


I really liked the menu navigation - its simple and yet looks cool - the browser works great (though it doesn't let me access my Exchange OWA or Office Communicator Web Access).


Nonetheless, a very impressive device - I would certainly recommend it to others - I must say good job Sony!

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