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Aah - its Sunday, beginning of yet another very exciting week, which will probably be remembered in History. A whole new world of Ultra Mobile Lifestyle PCs is all set to be unleashed this week - with Intel expected to start talking about it on Tuesday, two days before CeBit in Germany and also two days before Microsoft unveils “Origami” - Origami is now confirmed on its viral marketing site to be a UMPC running Windows XP (see my previous post for details).

The Origami concept video that leaked last weekend demonstrated the actual power and usage scenarios for the UMPC. The idea that really got be excited is that Origami is not a iPod killer or the kind but its more like a hub (or a server kindish if u'd like) for all those devices. Its a fact of life that we carry a variety of devices with us where ever we go these days - be it an iPod or a PMC for music, PSP for gaming, Tablet/Notebooks and cell/smart phones (I carry around a backpack with me all the time and anybody who's lifted it knows how heavy it is) - its ultra cool to see how Origami brings all of those devices together.

A colleague of mine pointed me out to DualCor cPC, its an amazing device - featuring both Windows XP and Windows Mobile on one devices (which has two processors ofcourse) - at $1500 pricy - but worth the money.

With Microsoft and Intel's UMPC launch this week, if they price it right - it will be the dawn of a whole new world for the Personal Computer.

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