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WoW its been a great year and what a way to finish it with the Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 product launches, Amazing Beta releases of Exchange and Commerce Server and man Vista December CTP rocked or what!? well 2006 just promises to be better and one hell of a exciting year, what really excites me about the technologies that are slated for release in 2006 is that they promise to represent a paradigm shift in the way we build and use software and more importantly computing itself.

We kick off the year with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2006 - which primarily focuses on Digital Lifestyle - look forward for announcements from both the software and hardware side that will radically change the way you interact with your computer - Bill Gates will answer some Questions on what’s in store/missing for your "home computer" and Intel has a whole lot in store including a whole new Intel branding (rumored to be budgeted around $2.5 billion) - a replacement for the Pentium M - ofcourse what I’m particularly interested in is Viiv - Intel's attempt to make it into your living room - which I’m sure very positive about. I've been delaying buying a new "Home-Server" for like 6 months waiting for Viiv - I’m sure it will be worth the wait - All of this and more begins on Jan 4th in Las Vegas with a pre-con keynote by who else other than Bill Gates ofcourse.

After what I expect to be a rocketing first week of Jan the excitement continues in the second week with TechReady in Seattle  beginning Jan 7th - an microsoft employee only conference - we saw a whole bunch of new announcements last time around - this time with the public Jan CTP of WinFX coming I’m sure it will rock.

But more particularly the most important event of the year will be the release of Windows Vista - I’m sure a whole lot of people will talk about the new user experience that Vista will bring - but actually what’s really important are the under the hood changes that have been made in the operating system/API that allows us now to bring the experience such as Aero to the end user. What will come along with Vista is only the beginning - Vista brings a change in the fundamental cores of the Windows platform that the huge Microsoft ecosystem of developers/ISVs will take advantage of and they can take it to the edge of the envelope and build fantastic applications that we can't even possibly think of today on XP.

None the less - look forward for a great 2006 - wishing everyone a great year ahead.

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