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The other day, I encountered a problem/feature in BizTalk 2006 R2 concerning calling a webservice, which methods only have primitive types, without using an orchestration. A webservice with a complextype as an argument, results in xsd being generated by the webservice proxy generator. With primitive types, no xsd is generated. As a result, no mapping ......

A perfect collection of all BizTalk 2006 R2 performance tuning documents: http://intltechventures.blo... Keep this URL in mind ......

Nov 08
On my current project I experienced a "Input string wat not in a correct format" using a paged gridview. Debugging didn't help. Finally, I found it: the enumerated value 'Previous' doesn't exist as a commandargument for the Pager. Changing it to 'Prev' did the trick!

Oct 08
What is this CSF thing, found here? I have been reading about it for quite a while and see a lot of resemblance with BizTalk. The post of the Connected Services Team, found here, clarified a lot ......

Hi all, Welcome on my personal blog. I've just started as a self-employed contractor in Microsoft technology, focusing on BizTalk, .NET and architecture. Check back often for I will be posting again in the near future. Regards Jasper

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