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  • moitoius Warcraft II on my HTC Wizard (still waiting for the TyTN II), Apple eat your heart out... about 2368 days ago
  • moitoius getting my tytn II hopefully today! hold thumbs! about 2369 days ago
  • moitoius going to hillsong on the 22nd! yeah! about 2371 days ago
  • moitoius nearly home, ready for the weekend and ttf fun. about 2378 days ago
  • moitoius also trying my hand at ROAM landscapes. with geomorphs. in xna. hell yeah. about 2378 days ago
  • moitoius is very impressed with the twitter support in fring. about 2378 days ago

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No, it's not made from Latex. It can still quack like a duck and walk like a duck - but you'd be saved from trying to make it qauck like a duck. I call it a Rubberduck language (for obvious reasons). So how do you make a safer (and faster) duck-typed language? By using regex. This would be a good example of a rubberduck method: public IEnumerable<string> ......

Wrap on specfic characters during a S.D.Graphics.DrawString()

I just read a ZDNet Article by Jason Hiner, and I strongly believe he is missing the point. Before I delve into the details, I would just like to state my opinion. The browser has become frankenstein - these word processors (if you can call them that) and so forth are using the browser for things that it was never designed for. Sure you have V8 in Chrome ......

I needed a way to get the integral value of an System.Enum that is boxed. The solution wasn't immediately obvious after my experimentation mainly because: My enum was derived from byte (and I was trying to cast it to an int). My .Net jitsu wasn't up to scratch. Lucky thanks to a friendly guy called Guffa I managed to create generic solution. As it turns ......

We have finally released a K2 [blackpearl] Book called "Professional K2 blackpearl". I will be getting the book at some point so I will definitely do another post. Previous experience has shown me that these "Professional [product]" books tend to be quite good (having gone through "Professional SQL Server 2005" and "Professional SQL Server Integration ......

Sometimes you just need a ternary statement, i.e. you don't want to return a value from the condition ? true : false construct. Here is an extension method to help you out (the usage example isn't the best). class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { List<string> test = new List<string>(); ArrayList source = new ArrayList(); source.Add(1); ......

Funny this isn't in the provided Enumerable extension methods. In any case, here it is: internal static void Each<T>(this IEnumerable<T> @this, Action<T> action) { foreach(T t in @this) action(t); } internal static void Each<T>(this IEnumerable @this, Action<T> action) { foreach (object t in @this) if (t is T) { action((T)t); ......

Put your favorite bookmarklet at your fingertips.

How to get a XmlTextWriter to make one of these bad boys: ">"

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