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February 2006 Entries

These are the games I've played so far to date in order of freshness: Fight Night Round 3 Single Player Quite possibly the game that makes the purchase "worth it" The graphics are amazing as hell and while unrealistic (linear blood spurts) screams "potential" for upcoming titles Tekken 5 was the first game that made me say "Holy ... I'm playing a cutscene" in the arcade when I first saw it. I don't even have HD and the graphics are definately better than Tekken 5. "Holy ... I'm playing Final Fantasy: ......

Usually I'm not an early adopter of any platform. I have limited funds and choose to alocate them wisely. Once a year I go against this principle for Christmas/my birthday and splurge on myself. This year I had it all picked out, Xbox 360, but there was no way in hell I would wait in line. I reserved $500 and some change for the purchase, knowing tax would bite me. Finding the right package I used only one online tracker ( ) and waited for just the right offer to pass me ......

My buddy Bill recently has been requesting ideas for his upcoming Speech Server book. He discussed tone of the material and I thought I'd elaborate a little on the difference between a conversational and a technical reference tone. I remember certain things about my CS (Computer Science) 101 class not because of Pascal (the greatest language EVAR (only because it was the first that turned the development light on)) but because the teacher had a way of relating the material to us in a way we could ......