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The title and post is a somewhat inside joke between my friends and I. When we make accomplishments together like beat a level in a single player game, one of us typically says something like “I did that. I unlocked that car all by myself. See that? I just beat the game...” or something completely arrogant yet partially true. Yes we may have made a contribution but it was a team effort that we all willingly condemn.

When I saw this page on the IEBlog: Better Website Identification and Extended Validation Certificates in IE7 and Other Browsers I had an “arrogant moment.” A “I remember thinking of something quite close to that, if not that exactly” kind of thought. So I started digging for my comment and it was just outside my RSS reader's sphere of influence meaning I couldn't just browse the comments for my entry. I had to dig but I didn't have to go that far outside of the window before I found my suggestion:

If the status bar is a bad idea, how about modify the frame around a web page? Unsecure sites would be normal, but you could have say a red or gold ring around a site that is completely secure. A mixed environment could have a completely different color, like half red half gold to say that part of it is secure, but because it's mixed the red says stop.

Of course I don't know how particularly easy this is, but it should be something that is easy to notice and can't be taken away by View > Status Bar. I do think that what we have has been sufficient so far, but take it a little step further for those of us not quite as fortunate to remember the umpteen steps we need to make sure a connection is secure. (It's not umpteen, but it's definately not one and seems to be getting more complex, not less)

My suggestion isn't exactly what was implemented but to make up the difference all you would have to do is introduce a new color (green) and throw the suggestion in the address bar, which is exactly how Apple's Safari behaves for certain things (the address bar shows progress specifically. Don't bash me for not knowing my girlfriend's laptop I barely use). Actually it's a little more complicated than that. My suggestion is somewhat like the green color but the red and “gold” (amazingly not far from the yellow they chose) refer to the Phishing Filter, something which wasn't quite known around April of this year.

So in the spirit of my friends, I say “You stole my idea” in exactly the same arrogant yet partially incorrect way. Since it's not the exact idea I get no kudos, karma, or brownie points today. I'll just chalk it up as a silent “I single-handedly changed your application from teh suck to teh suck, slightly less.” I should get paid for this crap. Really. My ideas are obviously worth more than anyone is willing to pay though, hence no dough.

What's next? I think I'll single-handedly figure out how to cure cancer, AIDS, stop world hunger, and make sure there are no more homeless people. I figure if I start fresh Monday morning I could have that done for ya by mid-day Tuesday. Sound good?

Posted on Friday, December 2, 2005 1:22 PM Information Technology , Software | Back to top

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