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August 2005 Entries

I've been super busy lately, namely out of the routine of blogging which is both good and bad. Our SalesLogix upgrade to 6.2 has kept me pretty busy. I started blogging to keep my ideas in one place but I find that I often do not go back unless there's something I need. Posting solidifies my ideas in my head and in most cases will commit those things to memory with little effort. I'm the type of person that doesn't always have to write something down but when I want to remember it, if I speak it, ......

I have a Dell Dimension 4550 desktop that died Friday. The computer shutdown fine but when I proceeded to move it from one office to another, it would no longer power on. I spent more hours than I should have trying to diagnose and narrow down the problem and I think I have a good idea where it is. Stage 1: Power Supply To test this as the possible cause, I have a ATX power supply tester. It tests the large connection to the motherboard to verify that the power supply is working. I've used this on ......