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March 2005 Entries

I just removed a good bit of extrenuous comments. I hate censorship but I felt it had to be done. A good deal were spam comments, some made recently and some were pretty old. Some comments involved people being vulgar towards others and some were just a-holes that didn't need space on my personal site. I left comments that were critical of me personally because I can handle a direct attack, but attacking others on my blog won't be tolerated. I'm way too busy to handle playground bullies so I just ......

I'm not dead yet, just too busy for my perfectionist blogging. You know the type. You write a post but it doesn't quite have all of your thoughts presented in a suitable format. You spell check it and then leave it alone until that one day you can come back, make up a new post and publish it correctly with your brain actually functioning somewhat normally. If you haven't guessed by now, I switch a lot between first and second person. Second person basically means that I include both you and I when ......