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December 2004 Entries

I tried saying this on the other post but apparently people don't understand English that well so I'll try to say it in as many languages as I can: No. There. That was easy. There are none left. No mas. Nein. They're all gone. I'm only given 6 at a time and I've given all 6 away. Maybe someday soon they will give me 6 more to give away but it will be another contest with more rules that some people will follow and others will seemingly ignore. So let me put this to rest: I will never give out a gmail ......

Up until the Scopes trial of the 1920's, Evolution was never fully taught in public schools. Public schools evolved from the original public education system in America: The church. The government decided one day that they thought they could do a better job, so our public education system was born. Since the Scopes trial evolution has gone from being a theory to being preached as fact by every textbook that I've read in public school. This disturbed me because not much of science can be proven and ......

We've recently switched servers at our office and in doing so I setup a new corporate domain to match our name and the DNS of a domain we actually own and don't do anything with. In the migration I broke a number of things but one of them happened on just one PC: Intellisync for SalesLogix. SalesLogix comes with this branded version of Intellisync that simply synchronizes SalesLogix data to Groupwise, Notes 4 or 5, and Outlook 2000-2003. From there we use the Palm synchronization tools to synchronize ......