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September 2004 Entries

The Problem I had a weird problem when I first turned my laptop on this morning. I overlooked the problem because I had to get on to my day's work which luckily didn't involve accessing any machine on the network. The problem was that my machine, and my machine only, was not gaining access to 2kserver, our Windows 2000 Domain Controller. This meant also that I could not access any other machine on the network since every machine uses Active Directory to authenticate. So I began the lengthy troubleshooting ......

Dare Obasanjo, creator of RSS Bandit wrote an article on the RSS Bandit and the Bloglines sync API. It can be found here. Basically Bloglines is using this as a way to eliminate the bandwidth hogging RSS aggregators have been known to produce. Here's a snippet of what he's talking about: There are two aspects of this press release I'm skeptical about. The first is that having desktop aggregators fetch feeds from Bloglines versus the original sources of the feeds somehow "eliminates the RSS bandwidth ......

This post is not meant to poke fun at the person in my company who works in mysterious ways (no I'm not referring to God). I made the mistake of doing maintenance on our PCs and came across a problem. It seems that a person in my company stores relevant documents in the Recycle Bin. The problem was that I had erased the actual work this person was doing for the last x minutes/hours/days/weeks. I tried to do the right thing and use a NTFS file restorer to bring back those files I so graciously deleted ......