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Woohoo!  I won another Community-Credit prize!  If you’re unfamiliar with, check it out here and find out how you too can track points you rack-up for making contributions to the development community.  My points this month were mostly from speaking at various code camps and user groups in the area, plus tasks associated with running FredNUG.  I’m sure this gem will provide some needed stress relief during those intensive sprints in the future.

3rd Place:  The Live Action Flying Duck Hunt.

This is the live-action shooting game that lets you hunt a flying duck with a harmless infrared gun. A 10-second charge on the barrel of the gun energizes the mechanical duck for a 30-second flight (Play Video). The duck's 6" long mylar wings flap up and down nearly 500 times per minute, and it can be set to fly in an erratic left- or right-turning circle or a level, straight line. Sharp-eyed hunters take aim with the infrared gun--the first two hits merely stun the waterfowl, momentarily interrupting his flapping; the third hit downs the duck for good. The single-shot blaster has a 20' range and makes a loading sound with each pump.

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