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The Frederick .NET User Group (FredNUG) will have its next meeting on March 25th at the Urbana Regional Library.  It looks like we have another great evening scheduled!  The scheduled agenda is:  

  • 6:30 PM - 7:00 PM - Intro Topic:  A Look at Constructs and their Performance with John Blumenauer

Intro Topic Description:  In our day to day work, we use common constucts such as calling methods, collections, string manipulation, mathematical operations and many others.  Often overlooked is the peformance of one implementation versus another of these very common constructs.  In this talk, John will demonstrate how the precise implementation of constructs is impacted by the CLR.

  • 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM - Main Topic: Intro to Tablet PC with Frank La Vigne

Main Topic Description: Learn all about the basics for building Smart Client applications that leverage the portability and power of the Tablet PC platform. In this session, Frank La Vigne introduces developers to the hardware, software, and development options available to building out Smart Client solutions on the Tablet PC. Adding Ink functionality can dramatically add value to existing applications without adding significant amounts of code; see just how easy it can be to take an existing application and add support for Digital Ink, handwriting recognition, and document recognition.

Speaker Bio: Frank La Vigne is a Microsoft Tablet PC MVP and Lead Architect/Designer for Applied Information Sciences (AIS) in Northern Virginia.  Frank started in software development when he was twelve, writing BASIC programs for the Commodore 64.   He began his professional career writing Visual Basic 3 applications for Wall Street firms in 1993. He then moved on to be the first webmaster for a major book retailer.  Frank then went on to develop a large multinational online banking project in Germany.  In 2004, Frank became heavily focused on Tablet PC application development.  Frank is also active in the developer community, speaking at user groups and code camps along the East Coast.  He is also the INETA Membership Mentor for Maryland, Delaware and DC.

Please come and join us and get involved in our .NET developers community!

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