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The NTeam group is struggling with using EntLib vs. building our own framework. The EntLib is impossibly large and seems to take up 20-30mb of RAM but using it would save a massive amount of time. I have heard enough stories on why not to use it. Anyone have any success stories? Surely there are some people using it with great results. Drop me a line if you are. The blocks that we have ruled out are Data and Logging. We will definitely not be using these. We are using Codus for data and Log4NET for logging. There are several blocks that are ingeniously designed and are feature-rich without being fat. The security and caching blocks in particular. We are also looking at UIPAB 2.0 for use as a MVC. Any comments on that? Posted on Tuesday, May 10, 2005 8:42 AM .NET , Open Source , My Projects | Back to top

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