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I've been reading about the Windows Home Server for quite some time and finally decided to get one.  The only thing I noticed is most of the vendors only sell the server online, so call to make sure you won't be making a useless drive to the store. 

The installation was super easy.  I registered for a windows live domain and was able to get remote access within one day, just had to configure my router.  I would recommend buying the 500BG server over the 1TB server b/c hard drive prices keep dropping.

Some people have complained the built servers are slow and only has 512MB of RAM initially... put in a new stick dudes.  Another complaint is the server is sub-par with today's standards with optimum hardware.  To be realistic though, this server was meant to be used for home, but it can be used for more, and it should definitely meet your needs especially for the cost.

I ended up coming across this review in which a whole bunch of PHP developers who thought .Net sucked and PHP/MySql/DB2 was the $#!^.  I'm sorry, but I had to reply to some of these people for posting hate about .Net in a forum suppose to be about Windows Home Server.


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