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We had a fire drill today.  Our building consists of 10 floors.  We are on the 8th floor.  Of course during a fire drill (or a real fire for that matter) you cannot use the elevators so we had to walk down.  Walking down isn't that bad.  For a fire drill they evacuate all 10 floors.

We stood outside for about 30 minutes, of course I am thinking of all things I could be doing instead of standing outside.  At the time of the fire drill I was working on our email server and had a reboot to do.  Time to go back in.  Somehow we are amongst the first back into the lobby.  I thought I was lucky no waiting for an elevator.  Well we get into the elevator, the elevator is packed, the doors close and we realize that the elevator is not letting us pick floors.  Then the elevator slowly drops (thank god) half-way between the first floor and the basement.  We are stuck.  Luckily the building staff is on the first floor and can hear us.  They open the doors and turn off the elevator.  Now we all have to climb out.  I felt bad for the females with skirts as this was a BIG step out....they maintenance folks had to help each of us out.

Now of course the lobby is full would be forever to wait for an elevator and I have a server that needs to rebooted..soooooo..we take the stairs.   You never realize how out of shape you are when you have to take the stairs to the 8th floor.  My legs still hurt!

The thing that is annoying they are constantly having problems with the elevators in this building.  People are always getting stuck.  Think they would do something about it!

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