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Here it is the traditional first post.  A little about myself...

I started “messing” with computers when I was about 10 years old.  Like most on a Commodore.  I taught myself how to program in BASIC.  When I was about 16 my parents purchased me an Apple from a co-worker of my Dad's.  I would spend hours upon hours in front of that green and black screen just hammering away at the keys.

My career in the IT field has been quite interesting.  I didn't immediately start working in the IT field.  Out of high school I wasn't sure what I really wanted to do after a year of “hard labor” and happenings out of my control I found myself out of a job and knowing I needed to get my butt in gear.  I was never one for school, I hated school as a kid.  Unless the subject was computers I really didn't apply myself.  Anyways I guess we can say I got lucky and found myself at a computer school.  I took the approach that I wasn't at the school to make friends I was at the school to get a career.  I graduated at the top of my class and was soon on my way to my first IT job.

I started working for United Parcel Service (UPS) at the corporate data center.  My first role was that of a tape operator working the night shift, weekends and holidays.  At first I was very excited about my new career and working at such a large company was a bonus.  I started to get very tired of working nights and being bored out of mind mounting tapes all night.  Luckily I was promoted to a help desk position.  This is when my career really took off.  The group I was in was in the middle of a conversion project and they needed someone who knew how to write code.  I grabbed a book and learned the REXX programming language.  Almost forgot to mention at this point in my career I worked on mainframes, 14 of them to be exact.  Soon after I was part of the conversion team the unique thing being that I was the only “non-management” employee on the team.  Overtime was great!  After the conversion project I was promoted to management and soon became the project leader of the “techie group”.  I was on cloud 9 heck at this time I was just 22 years old.

As they say good things must come to an end.  I was in the same department for about 5 years and the 24 hours a day 365 days a week of beeper support started to take it's toll.  I was ready to move on.  This is before the Internet boom and I already had the bug.  I wanted to join the UNIX group.  A couple projects I worked on introduced me to UNIX and I liked it and wanted to work more with it.  The powers that be thought otherwise.  I had choice to make.  Stay or Leave.

So I decided my time at UPS was over and I needed to move on.

I started working for sporting goods manufacture my title was that of “web master”.  Prior to this position the PC was my hobby now I was ready to turn my hobby into a career.  In a short time my title became “systems manager” and I told the consultants that the company used to take a hike.  The environment was all mine now.  I am now the Vice President of Information Technology.

I wear many hats here.  I do all my own programming, .Net, manage/create the company web sites, ASP.NET.  I manage our network and servers..etc.  I am heavily involved in the marketing of our products as well the product design.  In short in a way I have my own show.   To be honest I have days when I wished all I did was “geek stuff” and days that I really enjoy my other “challenges”.  When my plate isn't full I do take on side projects such as developing custom solutions for other organizations.  Deep down I am an automation junkie.  I love to take a manual process and automate the heck out of it using my skill-set.

I like to think that WE are problem solvers that is what we do isn't it?  We solve problems.  No problem is too small for us and no problem is too big.  We simply thrive on being problem solvers and using ALL of our skills to come up with a solution.

I am married.  May 12th of this year was our 3rd anniversary.  We are expecting our first child, Sept. 7th (getting close!).  We do know we are having a boy and I cannot wait to introduce my son to the world of technology.

I plan on using this blog for many things.   From tech ramblings and software “quirks” that annoy me to what is going on in my personal life.

Anyway back to my cup of coffee, talk with you later!

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