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I was tagged earlier last week by Jeff Julian. So here goes...

1. I'm co-owner and co-admin of I'm also a horrible blogger. AND I PROMISE TO BLOG MORE...

2. My distant cousin, Charlie Duke, landed on the moon!! That fueled my love of science fiction and science fact!

3. I was in a radio class in college with Mancow.  I wanted to be in talk radio (in fact started out in college) but it just didn't work out (long story)... So I'm able to satisify that craving with podcasting... 

4. I have cerebral palsy. I worked hard on physical therapy to the point that most people don't realize that I have no fine control on my right side. Because of this, I can do cool things like pivot on my right foot until its completely backwards.

5. I was fired, like Jeff, for this community! (And I'd do it again...)


Tagging Rich Hundhausen, Carl Franklin, Dan Fox, Michele Leroux Bustamante, and Phil Vischer!

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