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Jakob Ehn Visual Studio ALM MVP - Works @ActiveSE March 2009 Entries
How To: Automatically Enable Checkin Policies for new TFS Team Projects
When creating new team projects in TFS, the project is created from a project template, that basically is a set of XML files. Here you can define all your work item types, queries, reports, portal site and some other things. One of the things that you can’t specify here, is what checkin policies that you want to enable for that team project. At our company, we usually create a new team project for every customer so for every new customer we need to manually modify the checkin policies for that project ......

Posted On Friday, March 20, 2009 2:12 PM

Implementing Dependency Replication with TFS Team Build
A very common question from people is how to handle dependencies between projects/applications/team projects in TFS source control. A typical scenario is that you a common library/framework tucked away nicely somewhere in TFS source control, and now you have some applications that, in some way, needs to reference this project. My colleague Terje has written an article on what he calls “Subsystem branching”, in which he talks about different ways to organize your source code in order to solve the ......

Posted On Thursday, March 5, 2009 2:36 PM

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