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For Colorado State Soccer Association (CSSA), I suddenly realize I have become “the Keeper of the history”!  People who have been involved with CSSA as long as I have (30 years) have either retired or passed away.

Okay, some historical facts:

CSSA was founded in 1939.  It started with 6 Men’s teams which were mostly “ethnic” teams sponsored by Restaurants.

Fred Ahmer of Vail, Colorado, convinced the late President Gerald Ford to become a Board Member of the Vail Valley Soccer Club.

One of Colorado’s own, Dr. Bob Contiguglia , more affectionately known as “Dr. Bob”, became President of US Soccer.  Dr. Bob has previously been the President of US Youth Soccer.  He had also founded Cherry Creek Soccer Association (now known as Storm), and had been President of Colorado Youth Soccer Association (CSYSA, now known as CYS).  Dr. Bob played college ball at Columbia University in New York, and then played on adult teams for Colorado State Soccer Association (CSSA).  Jon DeStefano and Ed Eid both served on his election committee when he ran for US Soccer President.

This logo was designed by my late husband, Edward Eid:

cssalogo - click to see full picture

It is an awesome logo, which captures the “spirit of the mountains”, which is Colorado!

However, what people don’t know is that Ed was born in Cairo, Egypt, and came to the United States in 1958.  Those four “mountains” actually represent the four pyramids of Giza.  Ed had many fond memories of climbing the pyramids, and of racing horses across the desert towards the pyramids.  When he came to Colorado, he fell in love with the mountains.  His love of the pyramids and of the Colorado mountains was synonymous!

I later changed the logo somewhat, with Ed’s approval, for publishing on the Web in 1997 to:

cssalogo2 - click to see full picture

Edward Eid was a member of the Colorado State Soccer Association BOT from 1985 until 1997 when he assumed the General Manager position (which he held until his death in 2006).  While on the CSSA BOT, Ed held almost every position, including President.  He was also Vice-President of Region IV for USASA.  He also owned a professional soccer team that won many national championships, the Colorado Comets.  In 1986 the Colorado Comets played the Canadian National Team and barely lost 2-1 to them at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.  The Canadian National  Team was doing high altitude training in Colorado Springs in preparation for the upcoming World Cup in Mexico City.

April Heinrichs, former US Women’s Head Coach, and Captain of the first Women’s World Cup Championship team, played on Ed’s Bandits Youth Team.  Ed and April are both in the Colorado Soccer Hall of Fame.

In 1991 Ed Eid took two separate soccer teams on two separate trips to the then Soviet Union.  The first trip also included a stop in Belgrade Yugoslavia to see the Partisans play Red Star.  One of the soccer players in that first trip was Chino Melendez.  The very next year both the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia ceased to exist as nations.  Ed was given a citation by the Soviet Union and by his native country of Egypt as being “An Ambassador of Peace for Soccer”.  One of Ed’s favorite sayings was, “What is the first thing that breaks out when war stops around the world?  It’s not peace, because that takes awhile.  It’s a soccer game.”

After Ed’s death at the World Cup in Munich, Germany, in 2006, Senator Ken Salazar of Colorado read, on the floor of the US Senate, a tribute to Ed into the Congressional Record praising him for his efforts towards peace using the vehicle of soccer.

Here is a tribute that was published in the Denver Post Sports section.  Troy Eid, Ed’s son said, “My Dad’s Obituary ended up in the sports section of the paper.  Every man’s dream is to have his Obituary published in the sports section.”

There is so much more!

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