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Tips and Tricks – Windows Live Writer (WLW)

  1. The “normal” windows keyboard shortcuts of Ctrl+Z (undo), Ctrl+Y (redo), and Shift+Enter (new paragraph inside of bulleted/numbered items like these) work great in WLW.
  2. I had a few “Recently posted” items, from failed posts still hanging around in the right sidebar.  When I tried to click on them, I got an error message.  Very frustrating, and I wanted them gone!  If there are enough “Recently posted” items, you can just click on the More… folder link at the bottom of that section, and it opens a dialog box which gives you the option to delete them.  However, after deleting a few, I closed out of that dialog box while still having more to delete.  Suddenly, there was no More… folder link to click on!  Grrrrrr! 
    The [workaround] is that you can navigate to your Documents > My Weblog Posts > Recent Posts folder.


    You will find the various posts in question listed.  There is an XML file called cache.xml.  I edited the cache.xml file in notepad (after making a backup copy of it, of course), and then deleted the files in question.  Fortunately for me, they all had the same title, with a different date and time.  They were appended with, [2], [3], and [4].  I needed the last one posted (by time).  The time in the XML file corresponded, and thus I was able to delete the correct ones.  Viola!  No more nagging artifacts hanging around!
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