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Here's what I want in a vehicle.  I think so many people in the United States want the same thing (or something similar) that it's ridiculous that there's nothing for sale that even approaches it.

- it should be 100% recyclable

- it should be a plug-in hybrid and get around 80-90 mpg (if possible with the previous requirement)

- it should contain airbags all over the place (along with all the other good safety features)

- it should have night vision

- it should be all-wheel drive

- it should have a navigation system with a backup camera and bluetooth phone capability

- it should be around the size of the Acura RDX, but maybe have optional third-row seating

- it should not have leather

- it should be made with quality parts whenever it takes less energy and pollutes less to create a quality part once rather than having to replace a cheap part

Posted on Monday, January 22, 2007 11:29 PM all the other stuff | Back to top

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