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I've been installing various CMS packages locally to compare them. Some have been more difficult to install than others. Maybe the subject of another post soon....

Drupal gave several headaches, not least a script timeout when building the database. It wasn't initially evident it was a script timeout. You get to the point of creating the db, hit confirm, the page appears to be doing something and then stops and you can't get any further. If you wait you eventually get the 'script timeout error' message.

After a lot of searching I found a solution, in that you need to incease the 'max_execution_time' and 'max_input_time' in the php.ini file. I used a value of 120 rather than the default 30. This allowed the database build to complete.

The rest of the installation still took longer than expected but did complete.

Wordpress by comparison, installed very easily, very quickly.

PS: None of the PHP based CMSs would install via WebMatrix or Web Platform Installer, neither of which saw an existing mySQL installation, or detected that I didn't have PHP.


Posted on Thursday, July 4, 2013 9:14 PM Drupal , installation | Back to top

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