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I've been busy, but obviously not blogging.  My last blog entry was May 2006!  Since then I've:

  • Continued to lead the Enterprise Integration Practice at twentysix New York ( - we've built up a team of BizTalk talent that is second to none.  We have 7 certified BizTalk consultants: Jeff Bolton and Joe Tsai were from the farm team; Seong-moh Yang, Alex Star, Shashi Raina, and Juan Suero were brought in as free agents.  And I am the player/coach.  Seriously, it's great working with such a bunch of motivated guys.  BizTalk developers tend to be very passionate about middle-tier server-oriented programming and it's a blast to work with these guys.
  • Continued to lead the NYC Connected Systems User Group ( - Thanks to Ian Murphy for being my Microsoft sponsor, and to several guys on my BizTalk team listed above who offer lots of logistics support.  We've got around 250 registered members.  We average 30-40 attendees, have had upwards of 60 at some meetings.  If you are interested in connected systems programming and live in NYC area you should be part of this group.
  • Been part of the Microsoft BizTalk Virtual Technical Specialist (VTS) Team - This is an elite group of Microsoft consulting partners who are committed to sustaining a strong practice in BizTalk Server.  The VTS role is to support Microsoft field sales team in presenting BizTalk Server to customers and performing POCs to show its value.  Then we have the expertise to help customers implement BizTalk solutions successfully.  I am the VTS in our organization and it's been a real pleasure to be part of this group.  Marty Wasznicky makes sure the program is not just talk - he ensures we get the best training available, the best access to the BizTalk product team, and helps us work closely with the local Microsoft sales team. 
  • Recently named Connected Systems Developer MVP! - This is a huge honor.  I am grateful to the people who nominated me and to those who somehow saw fit to choose me.  I also feel compelled to explain what it really means as I think there is somewhat of a misunderstanding out there.  While it would be flattering to allow the impression that it means "super-smart BizTalk guy" to persist, it actually has to do with community involvement such as user groups, blogs, conferences, etc.  I've been running user groups for years, which does take a lot of work and is somewhat "thankless", so this recognition from Microsoft is very rewarding.  In a practical sense it gets me more connected to the Microsoft product teams and gives me input into the upcoming releases (such as "Oslo") and access to the most recent information available on beta releases.  I look forward to leveraging this connection to benefit the developer community.
  • Continued to work on my golf game.  I know golf isn't considered cool by developers.  That is something that dumb, lazy "sales guys" get to do.  Actually, I don't have much choice in the matter because I've been pretty much addicted to it since I started about 5 years ago.  And, while I am a developer at heart, I do also sometimes play a "sales guy" on TV, so it's only fair that I get to golf every now and then in exchange for selling out to "the man".  Anyway, I've struggled for 2 years to break 90, always coming close but falling short.  Then boom, a couple of weeks ago I shot a 79!  Unless you golf there is no way to explain what a quantum leap that is.  I haven't played since.  I am sort of savoring it and hoping somehow it wasn't a fluke.  If you know golf, you know that the next time out I'll probably stink it up miserably, lose tons of balls, throw clubs, and swear off golf for life.  And that'll last about a week.
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