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Hesham Elsaghir Senoior Design Engineer
Hard drive Failure is a disaster that we never want to experience, but, it is a real issue that could happen to anyone anytime and we can not predict or tell when it will happen.Is it something that can be prevented? Maybe! Do we have a good plan of what to do if it happens? Maybe!

How it started:

Like any computer problem or failure, you have something working fine the next day you try to use it, it is not responding. Well, it should be working and I do not see any reason it should not.

I opened the computer and got the hard drive out and tested on the desk, I have different SATA controllers, USB, ESATA and they did not help as the drive never shows in windows, Linux, or Bios. So, it is dead.

How I found the Company:

I started to search on the internet for issues relevant to this drive. The drive has a habit to stop working, freeze, due to some Firmware bugs but, there are some links out there to get it going. doing more searches I could not find anything to get it back to work. Now, the drive when powered up it spins and sounds very clear and no clicking or jumping inside. So, I started looking at the controller Board. The controller board felt little worm to the touch and looked like it been heated up and the traces looked little dimmed. That told me the board is the issue. I tried to clean the board and looked at it under a microscope, but could not see anything suspicious. While looking on the internet, I found the same board # on sale in Amazon. Surprising, I click on it and find the link to the PCB Solution site that was selling the board for less than $50.00. I immediately contact the email address listed and again surprising, got a respond immediately from Kevin, Very helpful and knowledgeable about the drives and what need to be done, he offered few advises and let me know when I am ready to go and purchase the replacement board to let him know, no pressure at all.

Trying the links I got from Kevin, did not help at all, which proved that the issue is really with the controller board. I sent the board to PCB Solution, and few days later I get an email confirmation of receiving the board and that they are working on it. Next day I get update from Kevin directly stating that the board is being shipped back and good luck with my recovery… Very professional service and great in customer service.

Now, I got the new PC Board from PCB Solution and I plug it back into the drive, connect the drive to my SATA controller, and the drive is back to life. I found that all the file structure on the hard drive was completely intact, like nothing ever happened to it Amazing, thank you PCB Solution, and special thanks to Kevin, I appreciate your help and time.


PCB Solution – Hard Drive Circuit Board Professionals

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