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I keep hearing about the iPhone and how great that Mac phone is.  So I finally decided to get it.

I had an HP IPAQ PDA that runs Windows CE 5.0 and I always liked so much.  It gave me a lot of futures and continues access to my data anywhere I go.

I just wanted to combine both my PDA and Phone into one smart device that saves me the hassle of carrying two different devices every where I go.

So, here I go and upgrade my phone with AT&T to the new iPhone 3G and sign up for two years contract.

First impression, I will be paying $30.00 monthly charge for the unlimited data package, weather I like it or not it is a mandatory if I wanted to have the iPhone.   When I used it, it is very impressive.  It has a very nice display and design, sharp looking.  It has a nice collection of very useful programs.  But, I do not know if it is me or what, I started to hit some obstacles immediately when I started to use it.  Here is a quick list and then I will talk about them next:

  1. File system not accessible!!!
  2. Can not sync email from Outlook, notes, tasks!!!
  3. Can not take a video with that so advanced phone!!!
  4. Bluetooth surprisingly does not support any communication types.  It is useless!!!
  5. You do not have the option to copy, cut, or paste any text or objects !!!


Finally, I find that if you are a business person that used to the IPAQ PDA, do not even think about wasting your money and time.  iPhone is still so far beyond your needs.  I can only see a phone with a lot of recourses to play games and chat or browse the internet.

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