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Hesham Elsaghir Senoior Design Engineer May 2009 Entries
iPhone, What about it???
I keep hearing about the iPhone and how great that Mac phone is. So I finally decided to get it. I had an HP IPAQ PDA that runs Windows CE 5.0 and I always liked so much. It gave me a lot of futures and continues access to my data anywhere I go. I just wanted to combine both my PDA and Phone into one smart device that saves me the hassle of carrying two different devices every where I go. So, here I go and upgrade my phone with AT&T to the new iPhone 3G and sign up for two years contract. First ......

Posted On Monday, May 11, 2009 9:09 AM

AT&T what a disaster !!
Few weeks ago, I checked my Cell phone account and found out that I am eligible for phone upgrade. So, I went to AT&T web site and checked the phones and ordered a refurbished LG phone and paid the charges. Few days later on Tuesday April 14th 2009, I got the phone and tried it. It was a disaster; it was not functioning and locking out all the time. Wednesday morning I called them and said I want to return this phone. And they sent me a label by email to put on the phone box and return it. I ......

Posted On Wednesday, May 6, 2009 2:35 PM

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