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I just went and bought a very nice Eee PC 1000H net-book.  What an amazing little computer that has every thing you would think of.  160GB HDD, 1GB RAM can be upgraded to 2GB, WiFi, Webcam, nice touch pad, USB 2.0 and theoretically good battery to run all this!  Well, I start using it and find out the battery does not charge to full capacity.  Only to 46% and then stops.  When it is used it only lasts to about 2.5 hours. What a bummer!

OK, so I go and browse the internet to and get to the tech-support and let them know. Well, I got the answer that I need to send the battery and they will send me another one after they receive it!  But I will be down all that time 2-3weeks.  And then I will loose the option to return it if there is a bigger problem to Best buy.  Best buy gives 14 days only.  But, no, Asus do not care.  "You should explore your options with best buy" they said.

I am calling best buy to find out what should I do.  I already spent three days worth of work on this net-book computer and I can not just exchange it with another one.

I called Best buy and found out that my options are to return the notebook and get another one or, buy the protection plan and they will  get me another battery.  so I bought the plan and they gave  me another battery.  Guess what, it worked fine.  so far I charged it twice to full charge and discharged no problem...

So now I can enjoy my new  notebook.

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