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Nissan X-Trail Mobil SUV Tangguh dan Sporty Terbaik - PT Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) to the fairgrounds Indonesia International Motor Show which was held at room Kemayoran, Jakarta use it for launching a new mpbil to the audience of citizens. Category car manufacturer Nissan issued a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) of the prestigious arena that high

Nissan released a new car which was named All New Nissan X-Trail SUV so that once the idol of visitors to the IIMS 2014 SUV market potential which this time was not the least sought after by customers so to motivate itself for Nissan for the content of the market gap. Nissan X Trail brings together ideas that ciamik which combines good physical form, the engine that steady, even the stability of the car that there was no appeal. Okay against this session we can dissect the Nissan X-Trail profound way either of the specifications or the price.


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