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Guest entry by Marck Pearlstone

Here is a short overview of the sessions held on the ESWC in Strasbourg this weekend.

Saturday, November 7, 2004

    Welcome by ...
      Didn't happen - the Mayor was busy with a council vote and 
      couldn't get away
    Bits and Pixels - Increase your shareware revenues by focusing on 
    what's important
      Mark-Jan Harte provided some clear insights into how to manage 
      a product life-cycle in 3 major stages - Development, Growth 
      and Maturity
    A Global Solution for a Global Economy
      Brant Pallazza explained clearly the ethos behind Digital 
      River's recent acquisition of Element5 and how the two 
      businesses are a perfect and complementary fit.
      He assured us that DR are not "The Borg", intent only on 
      assimilation of the entire industry, however it may look from 
      the outside.
    Panel #1: Publicity and Promotion
      Dave Collins
      Trevor Black
      Dirk Paessler
      Bob Gibson

      This was a very interesting Q&A panel session with great input 
      from the membership. Nice to see Tucows represented here!
    Securing Your Online Business Success Using Network Monitoring
      Dirk Passler explained how important it is to monitor your 
      online network in order not to lose valuable customers. He went 
      into some technical detail about effective monitoring tools.
    Writing documentation using DocBook
      This session, presented by Sylvain Perchaud, was very 
      informative if a little hard to follow. He explained the 
      DocBook standard, how it relates to XML and to writing 
    Writing Help that Gets Read
      This session was a highlight of the conference. Tim Green was 
      charming, amusing and very informative, guiding us through the 
      dos and don'ts of writing good help documentation. HIs 
      presention is a must-have download, full of humour and 
      countless tips and hints.
    Help for Shareware -- Technical
      Alex Halser gave us a fairly comprehensive view of the 
      technical side of using calls to help, with context and 
      sensitivity and keyword handling techniques.
    Panel #2: Application Development
      Marck Pearlstone
      Henk Devos
      Alwin Hoojerdijk
      Chris Breeze
      Hajo Kirchhoff,
    Search engine success - a hands-on guide to being found
      A clear and comprehensive session from Dave Collins - well 
      received and the Q&A session at the end didn't want to stop.

Sunday, November 8, 2004

    Tracking where your sales come from.
      A technical look at implementing customer tracking systems by 
      Adrian Grigore of Lobstersoft.
    Web log analysis - Going for Gold!
      Dave Collins on his favourite subject!
    Google Adwords
      This Dave Collins session was delivered to a packed room and, 
      as is becoming pretty normal for a DC session, overran due to 
      the many, MANY questions.
    Panel #3: Commercial issues
      Thanks to Brant Pallazza (Digital River) and Steve Kiene 
      (eSellerate) for fielding the (eventually) many questions from 
      the floor.
    What's new in .NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005?
      Dr. Frank Prengel demonstrated many programming techniques and 
      enhancements in the MS language family surround the new .NET 
      stuff for VS 2005 with many demonstrations and question / 
      answer breaks.
    Panel #4: Customer Relationships
      An interesting discussion of how best to handle customer 
      support issues, touching on email automation and template 
      systems, automatic key-reissue web pages and support ticket 
      Marck Pearlstone
      Sandra  Erb
      Alwin Hoojerdijk
      Peter van Hove
    Digital Rights Management and Software Protection -
      Rudiger Krugler - WIBU systems talked in depth about Code Meter 
      and the very generous gift of a 256mb 'CM' stick (USB flash 
      drive) that was given to all attendees.
      Richard Wienberg - Softwrap
    Securing your Online Business
      Steve Kiene
      This was a highly technical topic that focused on the weak 
      points involved in an online presence and how to keep them from 
      buckling under the strain of modern worm, virus and hacker 
    Affiliate Marketing Today
      Digital River outlined the current state-of-the art in 
      affiliate systems and how to take advantage of them.
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