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Henk Devos Henk's Random Thoughts May 2004 Entries
Kafka visits Parko - part 2
What happened before In the previous episode, we saw how our courageous hero Henk was fighting with the demons of administration, trying to renew his parking permit ("bewonerskaart") at Parko, the parking service of the city Kortrijk. Bold and unafraid, he went to the counter countless times, made dozens of phone calls, and appeared to make some progress. Most readers would think he has been successful at his mission and the issue is cleared up by now. But alas... The horror continues. Note: This ......

Posted On Saturday, May 29, 2004 2:01 PM

For about 2 weeks, the German city Düsseldorf hosted the print media messe drupa. I was one of the almost 400,000 visitors from 122 countries. Drupa is the most important event for everyone involved in printing, pre-press, and the like. The most impressive booth was HP. They had a spectacular show, with many special effects, including snow and soap bubbles falling on the audience, and with professional actors, singers and dancers, all to bring us the message how we can get more by using their digital ......

Posted On Sunday, May 23, 2004 5:41 PM

Jessica Dewell says goodbye to RegNow
There have been rumors for a long time, but now it's a fact: Jessica Dewell, founder of RegNow, has left Digital River, the company that acquired RegNow. Jess, as her friends call her, stopped studying at a very young age to go into business and start RegNow. She pioneered the concept of affiliate sales in the shareware industry. Earlier this week, she announced that she is leaving Digital River and will go back to studying. Jess will remain active in the ASP and the ESC. Jessica is sure she will ......

Posted On Sunday, May 23, 2004 5:12 PM

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