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The Flemish actor Josse De Pauw (if you are Flemish, you know him) is now performing in a play about termites.
He is fascinated by the intelligence of termites and their capability of building complex nests.
The title of the play is The soul of the ant.
As you know, termites and ants have the same type of synergy.

The opening scene of the play goes like this:
A biology professor at a university asks his students to make an assignment at home.
They have to find a cockroach, put it in the microwave, and see what happens.
Of course the cockroach survives it: Cockroaches survive everything. The cockroach isn't even harmed a little bit. It just finds the right spot in the microwave where there is a knot in the waves and thus no heat.

I haven't seen the play yet, but it certainly sounds interesting.

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